valentine's dissappointments/rantings

Discussion in 'General' started by AmyRm112, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. it is 6:10 pm here. i am waiting for this guy i'm dating to come pick me up to go out to eat. *sigh* yesterday, my sister and i went shopping for our guys and spent like 2 hours looking. so today, travis and I (the guy i'm dating) met on his lunch break and i brought him this really pretty white rose. and he hasn't even mentioned if he's got me anything. i got him like a box of condoms, a frame, hershey kisses, and some lingerie from victoria's secret. this whole thing is a bit wierd and probably makes no sense to someone reading this. i called him at 5 and he said he had been out of work an hour early because he wanted to "take a shower". then he tells me he made no reservations or anything on eating. so he tells me he'll call around and call me back. he calls me back, i can tell he's real stoned, and he's now with his best friend that he is like attached to. so, he mumbled something about something they have to do and he'd call me back in a little while. so, i'm just sitting here waiting for him..ggrrrr!
    come on! you know you should be getting a piece of ass, so why aren't you like running here?!
    guys suck. are we even going out to dinner? are we doing anything romantic? i even got a big bag of candles to put all over my room.
    and now there is a fucking flower truck driving all around my house. not for me. i hate this day!!!!!!!!!

  2. ill take you out to dinner, i got reservations for the best seat in taco bell :)
  3. OK well i am home alone all night. BF left for a dead concert an hour ago.

    i am already terribly lonely and bored. thank god for grasscity and livejournal otherwise i'd be doomed this crapiday!

  4. man that sucks i would dump him
  5. Bad side: I just moved away from my live-in BF 2 weeks ago, unsure if we were together or not. Today I find out we are indeed NOT together, but not from him...I had to hear it from our friend. That doesn't bother me too much (I didn't want to be with him anymore anyway), but why couldn't he have set me free 2 weeks ago?!? Grrr...I could've arranged something by now... :)

    Good side: I had luch with a great guy (he paid) and then later, in my depression, I went to the bars and ran into some friends and got a bit drunk.

    If nothing else I have my kitties...they'll always love me :)
  6. addition to that, my ex is my only connection. He was supposed to get me a bag YESTERDAY. I called him today and he had forgotten. It has now been 9 hours since I asked him the SECOND time, and still no weed...ahhh...

    I was hoping that at the very least if I had to be alone on V-day, at least I could be high...but NOOOOOO....grrr...
  7. god damn thats fucked, if I knew a sweet girl that would do all that for valentines day for me I would at least take her out to a nice restaurant or to a movie or something, damn ignorant bastards dont know how good they got it :p
  8. Had a bad valentines day myself.

    Son was in a car wreck.

    Didn;t get to take my sweetie out to eat.

    But att least my youngest son's babsketball team won their game against the best team they play.
  9. well, i know you are ALL concerned about mine so lets start by saying he took the hint over the nastiest card ive ever bought anyone an signed my name like a jackass, without my usual loving xoxoxo krapola.
    so i got flowers (you knowthe kind),, meandering clueless for an hour. oh heres a posie, that'll make her happpy...hey better get her a card too. an a really wierd but fantastically beautifull candle. at least he's on the right track.
    but it was nice.
  10. well, the results of my valentines weekend are in. he finally calls me and comes over. we don't even go out to dinner before we have sex. he didn't make reservations anywhere, so we just drove around really stoned for awhile. till we finallly went to ruby tuesdays and saw some of his friends and ate with them. oh! he did get me a dozen roses and chocolates though. but then we went to his friends apartment and smoked more. and passed out at my i guess it was ok?
    what i wouldn't give for a actual nice boy half way attractive...

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