Valentines Day plans anyone?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cmusba, Feb 6, 2014.

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    !!Well I've been "cuffed" for about 4 months with the most beautiful niña I've ever met, but im like broke as shit and I dont know what to do. My friends suggested that I start selling again to make some cash and I've got some seeds, but I dont wanna fucking go to jail! What the hell is a young fool in love to do?

    Also I would like to hear about your plans on Valentine's Day and you dont have to be a relationship to post!

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  2. My gf and I haven't celebrated Valentine's Day for the entirety of our relationship, we think it's dumb and commercialized. I still get her chocolate and/or flowers sometimes in the following days when everything's on sale :laughing:
  3. Not in a relationship but I do plan on having some really really awesome sex. It'll be a full moon that night too :D
  4. Probably going to hang out with a few friends. Smoke a little, play some video games.
    If not that, hang out with current "crush" and probably make out and watch movies sober.
  5. Rob a bank. Bitches love robbing banks
    Or perhaps, you could do this thing that I hear has a lot of success with obtaining money......getting a job.
    I hear it's how the majority of people get money these days, at least, it works for me. 
  7. I'll probably head over to my gf's and cook us some steaks. If she's working, I'll probably stay home and drink beer instead.
  8. I plan on taking my lady out to dinner, and I'll very likely bring her some flowers too. We don't exchange gifts for it.
    We've never made a big deal out of it, but we've been exceptionally lovey-dovey since our engagement and it's been a while since we went out on a proper date. I reckon Valentine's is as good an excuse as any.
    You don't have to go out or buy gifts to show that you care. You could cook her a nice dinner and spend the evening snuggled up on the couch with some good movies. Use the day as an excuse to tell her how much you dig her and make a girl feel special.
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    I'm going to get super duper high go watch that new movie with Bullseye - Colin Farell? Farrel? Farel?- with death and the dying chick and a white horse. I will proceed home to (I cant believe I just did but I did) eat a gallon tub of Chunky Monkey all by myself.  
  10. Cry and use my tears as masturbation lubrication. 
  11. I have a list
    1-find someone to spend the day with.
    2-smoke weed
    3-find someone to spend the day with
    4-smoke more weed
  12. Wow lol, I might

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    I got a job bro, at a dollar store, and it pays like shit, you know, cause u know, everything's a dollar

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  14. We never go out but we will order pizza and chill.

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  15. I don't know if I should take this girl out for Valentines... I wanna bang her but I know for a fact that she's gonna get attached and want to have a relationship. 
  16. At home alone fapping the night away
  17. I requested off. I work third shift

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  18. Rolling up a couple blunts, chilling with my girl. Gonna be a fun ass day

    I think we all have that special whore somewhere in our lives.
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    My plans are... Get a root canal at 8am, listen to my wife bitch that we can't go to dinner, suck it up and go to dinner. Come home, get drunk since I won't be able to smoke, then be pissy all day Saturday cause I can't smoke cigarettes or weed. Oh, there'll be a card in there somewhere.
    And I can't take gas, and I don't take pain killers, and novacaine barely works since I've built up a tolerance to it by using viscous lidocaine for Cluster Migraines for ten years.

    Happy fucking Valentines

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