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Valentine's Day Isn't Just For Girls

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Guys!

    I hope you all get attacked by girls wearing sexy stuff who are ready and willing to fulfill all of your fantasies. In other words, I hope you all get laid! ;)

  2. i hope so i luv all the gals of the city .........Peace out......Sid
  3. i know we're all a day early but, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY guys!!
    i love valentines day. hopefully i get some flowers at work tom!

    if u guys send ur gals some flowers, u'll get lucky u know;)

    maybe that's more of a tip for the married folk out there:)
  4. With what you're doing tomorrow, there's no chance you won't get laid! It's guaranteed! :D

  5. you think?......would that work for you?.......would it work for a few others? out.......Sid
  6. Happy V-day to all the great stoner men at the city. I wish you all get naked and freaky for your special day because ya'll deserve it!!!!! Hugs and lots of kisses to you all.

  7. It would work for me because I dig it. I'd rather do that than go to dinner and get jewelry or something to the effect.

    I know most girls want the dozen roses and stuff but a guy who'll handpick a single flower out in the wild somewhere would totally get me quicker than a guy who throws down a credit card for a bunch of roses like everyone else is getting. That's just me, though! :)

    YAY! Flowerchild, again! :D
  8. well while i'm up there Jilly, i'll take a few pics for you, to cheer up your Sunday blues after a few drinks.......that's if ya drink on Sat if i see a flower, i'll pick it just for out........Sid

  9. wow! definately!! much more sentimental value in that! i'd probly cry;)

  10. Daisy i'll take a pic for you too.........any girls here at the city want a personal photo of the beautiful scenery of Scotland just let me know, ...........i'll dedicate them all to you's out.......Sid

    but i'd never pick flowers for everyone.......that's a lot of digging through the, i will be at the top of a mountain you's
  11. awww, i'd love that sid! some lucky girl u got there!

  12. well darlin... If i'm going to get laid any time soon... you better get on down here..

    for yhe last 5 years i have made V-Day a special treat.....(trying to get laid) and it didn't happen.. So I'll gather you some bud flowers and whip you up a special breakfast, lunch and light supper.. Don't want you to be over stocked for

    I might get laid if I,

    win a million dollars

    win a million and give the B 3/4ths of it

    win a million dollars and have a serious heart attack and the B know that she will get it all if i'm dead and one last time will end it....

    Enough about the BS..

    Everyone in the stoners paradise have a great V-Day.. May all your wishes come true!!!!1
  13. woohoo!! valentines day shall be grand! got some plans with my girlie, hope they go through and we can get together! its been a while (like usuall... hahaha)

    anyways thanks Rummy! Happy Valentines day to everyone!!
  14. i got my vday present early...

    on the gift front, i received a small stuff dog, very soft and cute, and sprayed with my ladies perfume..which is great

    i also received some vday edition boxers with hearts and whatnot...also good

    and a box of chocolates

    then we went to eat and then to our little hideaway.
    i lit some candles and worshipped the beaver in my true pastorial way...from the front, from the back, legs in the air, legs over shoulders, fallin off the bed, on the side of the bed, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl...needless to say i had to change the sheets...

    and all i did was get her a dozen long stem red roses which she did not expect at all.

    of course, with tomorrow being valentines day she gets all of her gifts...which will be a bundle of things..

    several packets of shasta daisy seeds*thats her favorite flower*
    traditional chocolate
    v-day thong to match my boxers:D

    and im starting to feel like shes got my heart too
  15. Heh, I'm a damn hermit!
    I guess another year alone doesn't really bother me...
    Damn does.



  16. heh...

    Attached Files:

  17. happy valentines day boys
    kisses and an extra long hug ;)
  18. vday was last night, my lady and i went back out to the cabin in the woods, i bought a buncha candles and lit then around the room and get the idea.

  19. awwww, namron that's sweet!! but what is cowgirl lol. and reverse cowgirl;)

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