Valentines Day from Hell.. Need Advise!

Discussion in 'General' started by Field, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. My situation is this,

    My girl and I broke up in a bad bad bad way last night and now I am freaking out about my small grow. It was two plants until my roommate showed up with three more this week. So now its five small clones all in Veg three just transplanted to 1gal pots the other two just moved into five gal. Its a very basic setup small grow for personal use. My roommate has a medical card and the plants are all his., my room was used due to space and it seemed fine at the time. I was going to get a med card but have not done so yet. My primary concern is that she will report me as retaliation for the breakup. I believe that she may do this and in all honesty it was the first thought on my mind after getting off the phone with her. My problem is that my roommate does not want to get rid of the plants and I dont know what to do. Move everything into a common downstairs room so they are away from my room or just get rid of them. And if I get rid of them whats the best way of doing that? Have him give them to the dispensory or kill them and throw them away in a dumpster someplace? Should I move all the lights and nutes and soil to another local? Clean the room and have him burry his stash, he has about an ounce at any given time. As well as LOTS of pipes ect.. I am really freaking out but dont want to over react. They are his plants so I cant just do what I want in the situation. He is aware of the situation with my EX and told me he has been thinking about what she may do also. He is not sure what should be done but wants to keep the plants. He told me to get my card and things will be fine. I just need to hear some thoughts from others.

    If it were up to me I would break down the whole setup and remove everything tonight. In a perfect world he would be able to keep his plants. Again not sure what to do with the plants but the whole thing would be gone by midnight. Am I overreacting or being careful? Oh this is in CA, not sure that makes a difference.

    Any thoughts or advise would be very appreciated.
  2. Just depends on how badly you don't want to get caught and what you think your chances of your ex-gf ratting on you. It's better to be safe than sorry though and you can always start another grow up.
  3. doesn't matter where your designated grow space is... they're his plants and pipes.....

  4. As long as you can count on him to take all the blame.

    I'd also do some research and find a decent lawyer (even if you just find his number) in case it doesn't all turn out so peachy in the end. Not to scare you or anything, some things are just easier done outside a jail cell. If you never end up needing it, then all is well.

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