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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by DarkMatter36, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Tell me that you love me, girl
    Tell me, is this real?
    Tell me, do you love me girl?
    Tell me how you feel

    Even Though we fight sometimes
    I'll never give you up
    EVen though I'm drained sometimes
    You always fill my cup

    You say that you are ugly
    But I know that that's not true
    You're so beautiful to me

    Tell me, am I beautiful to you?
    Tell me that you love me, girl
    Tell me, is this right?
    Tell me, will you marry me?
    Tell me, Will you be my valentine tonight?
  2. Broken

    Broken (like my dreams)
    Lead me on (Break me)
    I believe your lies
    Look into my eyes (so blue)
    They're full of rage (Hate!)
    Scatter my dreams
    Shatter my world (so gracefully)
    But leave me bleeding (sore)
    I feel broken
    But I'm not (I live!)
    You can't destroy me (break)
    Look into my eyes
    See your lies (no more!)

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