Vaginal Sex

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by production, Jan 14, 2003.

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  1. Here\'s one for yay BPP, let these comments flow ;}
  2. Hatebreder you\'ll have to stand in a long line for RMJL. We all love her!!!!
  3. Yeah.... there\'s a queue for me aswell....

    So....... erm.... get in line! ;)

    I don\'t actually have a vagina.... and you all appear to be of the male variety, so keep out of the queue please.
  4. I love you guys! ;) Screw the line...let\'s form a big circle! It\'s easier to pass the j that way!!!!!

 fore-play, huh? You\'re good, Hatebreeder!
  5. how about \"love flower\"

    is that better?



  6. honey pot


    sweet spot are good ones:D
  7. If I had one I\'d name it Harvey.

  8. You\'d name your vagina Harvey?
  9. larwrence

  10. HELL YEAH!!

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