Vagina With No Smell Or Taste?

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  1. My girlfriend's pussy has no taste or smell and I'm wondering if any other guys have run into girls that have been the same.  Every girl I've been with before her had her own taste and smell to her pussy.  Even when you kiss them they've got a certain way their mouth tastes, but my girl has no taste or smell anywhere.  I think it's weird. 

  2. she has no soul
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  3. That would be pretty awesome. I havent encountered it. Ive had okay-good, never nasty or amazing tasting pussy.

    You just need some edible lube to give it whatever flavor you want that night and go to town.
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  5. maybe she is just a really clean person. You wont have odors/tastes to you if you use tons of soap and shower all the time.   I had a girlfriend that was kinda like that and she was super concerned with her body..cleanliness, appearance, etc..
  6. have her go for a jog and then sit on ur face 
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  7. It has little to do with how clean you are. To suggest that her vagina has no smell because she's clean is to suggest that normal women with a normal odor and taste are dirty.

    That's not the case at all. OP probably just enjoys her smell or he's probably only gotten close to her when shes recently showered.

    And be lucky, OP. I HATE being with a guy and his cum tastes disgusting.
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  8. Btw, it would be weird if a guy didn't have a smell. I love manly smells. I love going to shows and dudes are rocking out and they're sweaty. It's just delicious.
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  10. Usually, if a woman is too clean (Unless shes really careful with what she washes with) she will actually get stinky, because most washes, lotions and hygiene products will throw a woman's pH balance off and cause her to be stinky down there. I make sure to only use washes that are made for down there in fear of it. lol!
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  11. Thats a clean chick! stick with her brah. she has good practices. i bet she can do the splits just based on this thread alone!
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    The fuck?
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    No pussy stank is a deal breaker bro.

    How I've missed you GC hah
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  14. Lol I remembered hearing that years ago and this thread brought it to mind.
  15. Talentless music. Lol. Terrible, but funny. I though wish my phone wasn't plugged into the speakers because my daughter just looked at me so confused. (She heard the word pussy one day and repeated it, so she knows of it as a soap in the mouth kinda word, lol, oops!)
  16. Lol yeah it is pretty terrible.
    And sorry for exposing your daughter to that. :p
  17. My fault, parenting fail. :p
    Yes, I've been with women who had no odor at all. Some nights. Other nights not so. I'm no expert on douching but I suppose it has to do with when she douched last and what she used. Either way not a big deal. However I do like a bit of natural pussy odor.
    A couple of lives ago I was banging this broad who always tasted like vinegar, lol.
  19. Douching is very bad btw. and I don't know anyone under the age of 40 who douches anyway lol.

    No offense Fizz.

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