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  1. so my buddy was telling me that you can tell how much sex a girl has by the outter appearance of her vag? any truth to that? he says when he first started dating his girl friend, she had a slit, now she has some meat curtains.
    i kind of buy it, but i hope its not true lol

  2. I lol'd at meat curtians. I don't know. I guess it depends on the woman. Mines the same as its always been. :/
  3. I don't think so but I don't really know. Id trust google before GC to be honest.
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    @Cold naw bro, sex wont affect the "meat curtains"

    Edit: I got sexay ladies on top of me...ohh ya. Ha!
  5. Just because we've got boobies showing doesn't mean we're sexy. We could have busted faces and a hidden double chin.
  6. I see both your chins and most of the faces and they are no where near busted ;)
  7. Haha, that's silly.
    You can't even tell if a woman has had kids -- or multiple kids -- by looking at her pussy. Or even by fucking her. It always snaps back to its original position.
  8. <333 Thank you
  9. i love ya but that is incorrect, especially if you have had 3 kids.. going from a virgin to having 3 kids = change weather you want to admit it or not lol...
  10. She could just masturbate a lot, like yourself.

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  11. lol so wrong... the people thinking that a vagina is like silly putty and will just magically go back to being as tight as it was when a virgin is wrong.
  12. I've had three c-sections.
  13. [: you're so sweet. ty.
  14. ok well that makes a difference, i was assuming natural, my bad.
  15. I have a sudden craving for roast beef
  16. It's okay [: who wouldn't assume natural?! Unfortunately my first daughter got stuck in my pelvis so I had an emergency c-section and then two repeat sections. So no natural babies for me ever.
    I lost my virginity in 1966, was married twice and have been single since 1978. How much experience have you had?
    I would trust yahoo answers before GC.
  19. You should probably do some research. Of course it isnt going to go back to the same size as when you're a virgin or when you first start having sex BUT the vagina walls open up when a woman gets aeoused to allow the penis to enter. Then when she's done, they go back to pretty much close to the same. The only thing that really stretches the vagina out is child birth but again, it goes back to being mostly the same size.

    If you don't believe me, look up some medical articles about it.
  20. I'm inclined to believe this..
    When I've been regularly fucking a girl for a while, then we stop for a few weeks I have noticed her pussy feels tighter when we go back to it compared to how it was when we last fucked

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