Vacuum sealing wet buds.

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  1. Hey, not going to be able to dry my buds at home until I move in late Sept. So ill probably be harvesting right before i leave. Anyways if i pull them a few days before I leave, can i vacuum seal the wet buds for a few days or a weak until I'm where I can dry them?

    Vacuum seal them in bags like I do with any fresh produce- meat, fish, mushrooms

    I'm just worried about mold, and no smell until I'm gone. What do you think?
  2. I think you are asking for mold. I would not do it.Good Luck
  3. It will ruin all that hard work. Get mason jars. They will mold for sure of u vacuum seal. I don't seal them up till they have cured for 2 monthes in jars
  4. They could be dry in a few days before you leave.. Hang them upside down and put a fan blowing around them.
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    freeze it then dry and cure. or process for kiff or oil
  6. [quote name='"northlat"']freeze it then dry and cure. or process for kiff or oil[/quote]

    Yea if u want shitty buds. Freezing it will either pop or break of the thc of the bud. Ask any real grower that has tons of tree or any one with real experience will tell u not to do that for sure.
  7. [quote name='"northlat"']freeze it then dry and cure. or process for kiff or oil[/quote]

    Def shouldn't freeze it :/
  8. better than nothing pandejo. not that , i would choose this option . my choice is don't start an operation that can't be completed.
  9. Thanks for the quick replies folks.

    Freezing wet buds doesnt seem like a great idea, maybe with dry ones, but I've heard conflicting ideas on that too. Mold was my main concern too, so it sounds like its a unanamous NO. I could always have a friend help me out for a few days but there really arnt too many ppl i trust with the amount i hope to have:D:D:smoke:.

    I have gotten away with drying outdoors years back when it was necesarry but that wasnt with much and I'd hate to see a summers worth of work go bad.

    Looks like ill just yank um right before i leave, assuming then wont finish by then (bagseed), and get them where they need to be to dry within 48 hours hopefully.

    Thanks again
  10. i'm sorry i misread i weak as one week . shove em in a sack and plan better next time . no technique needed here sarge
  11. haha been planning a long time chief. and this isnt my first roundabout I'm just in a tough spot this summer. I'm havnt even started either I'm pretty far north, everything is perfect, I'd just rather not leave/ask for my buds to dry with my buddy or borther...:wave:
  12. I'm in very close situation right now. How did it go for you? the difference is that I'm planning to dry it for one day at least and I will put in VacSy vacuum containers instead of a bag...
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  13. If your in a pinch get a food dehydrator from wally world set it on the low heat herb setting 24 hrs max! Pay attention or youll over dry them. Get as much stem off if you can or itll rehydrate if you leave fatty stems. If you cant afford the dehydrator take it back when your done. This will work i usually quick dry some buds like this when i harvest for some quick smoke. Obviously a slow dry and cure is better but sometimes ya just gotta get shit done!

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