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vacuum sealing weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Aud, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. So im taking a trip to cali with my parents pretty soon, and would like to get an oz of GOOD fire, but the only thing is bringing it back home.. Im flying back to texas, and was wondering if I could vacuum seal the weed, and taping it to me... This sounds kinda dumb, but my friend said that if you vacuum seal weed that it wont smell, or something.
  2. So wait... you plan on taping an OZ to you? Good luck with that man.

    If you want to that bad, your better off trying to mail it, and thats still a really bad idea.
  3. If you're thinking of going through the airport with that, I'd say fuck it. It's not even worth potentially getting caught. If you're just driving, then sure. If you're really desperate, steve is right, you could mail it in a vaccume sealed food storage bag (like the ones on TV). Mail sent domestically doesn't get searched, so you would be fine sending it home assuming your parents don't open the package :p
  4. I wont be like the rest of these guys saying how much trouble your gona get in and what not if you gona attempt do 1 of these 2 things.

    1. Vaccuum seal the weed really really good then double bag it with 2 big zip lock bags then tape it real good to your leg then your should be fine.

    2. Same steps and number one expect but dont tape it to your leg send it through UPS or FedEx.

  5. ive got a lot of experience with vacuum sealing, it works well and will definately compress the buds so that u could tape an oz to the inside of your leg just make sure u wear a pair of tighty whiteys under regular boxers.. ive done this many times, and i have also sent bud fedex multiple times from the west coast to the east coast. taking it with u on the plane takes away the guessing game of "when is it coming? or is it coming? cause i have had multiple packages shipped real well vacuum sealed and airtight foamed and it still hasnt made it. but the choice is up to u
  6. Here's an answer to your question:

    Dog's can smell through plastic.
  7. and heres a comment to your smart ass answer.. they are explosive sniffing dogs at airports, NOT DRUG DOGS. unless certain circumstances, i have walked right passed german shepards in an airport with 4oz of the killer cali and they didnt flinch
  8. that is a really really bad idea
  9. Ive never really seen many dogs... and I fly quite a bit, usually ive only seen dogs when I am coming from another country...
  10. I never see dogs at airports but I did see a midget one time.....
  11. You won't see dogs when your boarding your flight, they keep them at where the checked baggage is going on. Sometimes you see them at the baggage carousel, so carry on. I take at least two international flights a year, and i've only been stopped and searched once because i'd been keeping weed in my bag but smoked it all before I came home. Even that time, they searched my bag but not me.

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