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vacuum sealing cannabis

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Triple6Greens, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Anyone have experience vacuum sealing their cannabis? any negative or positive effects?

    I dried and cured all my weed in jars for atleast a month before sealing it up in vacuum bags.

    I do not vacuum it so tight that it crushes the weed, I suck out the air just before the weed starts to compress and then I seal it off. I place a 62% boveda pack into each bag. each bag also contains 4 oz

    I have opened a couple bags and found no issues so far.

    Any thought?
  2. If it's got a humidipak in it it should be good. I prefer mason jars though.
  3. Just space with mason jars and transportation. Vacum is a good idea though

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  4. @VeritableHypocrisy

    It was just to many jars. I had filled about 70 quart jars.... that's just way to many jars to be moving around and working around
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  5. @nothingilegal

    This exactly. I went from a very large plastic box filled with about 70 jars... to one garbage bag after vacuum sealing
  6. I've never had any problem with vacuum sealing bud. And with the humidpak you could store that stuff no problem for more than a year in a cool dark area

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  7. I have seen a vid where they cure the wed using a vacuum sealer.
  8. I used to vacuum seal eighths after buying large amounts and hide them away in my room somewhere.

    Found one that was sealed for over a year.
    Opened it and smoked it, it was very harsh and dry but got me as high as day one. It might of decreased in 1 year but hardly noticeable.

    I use the food saver, and did not use any moisture packs, that'd be a bad idea if meant to store long term. At most I'd keep them for a month before buying another oz or two.
  9. Have stored many cigars this way. Some have been in bags for 7 years and they smoke better now than they did when sealed. I do remove all the air I am able to and since I know the moisture content is exactly where I want it there's really no reason for the RH bags.

    Not sure if THC degrades over that long of a time but I can attest to the freshness and purity of the product the bags help to maintain.
  10. As far as the length I can actually store them I'm not sure. according to the manufacture of the boveda packs you can use it up to a year in a seal container.

    My weed hasn't even been in sealed bags for a month yet.

    Again I did this mainly becuz jars are just not practical for transportation and storage. take up large amount of space and very heavy
  11. I cure and store mine in 5 litre food grade buckets with hygrometers sealed in to the lids. I like to keep mine at a minimum of 65% as any lower than this seems to hinder the curing process. For long term storage after curing I would probably lower that humidity to 60% but my bud doesn't last that long so I haven't done that. If a harvest of mine lasts me 4 months it's good going lol.

    These are the buckets and hygrometers . .




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  12. Where did you get the hygrometers
  13. Try ebay they are dirt cheap from china
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  14. I got mine from ebay, £5 for 5, and the buckets were £5 for 5 also. I used hot glue to seal them in the lids
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  15. I think I may use your idea, along with some of those moisture control packs

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