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Vacuum sealing brownies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by isaybadwords, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. I usually wrap my brownies in seran wrap and double bag them in ziplock freezer bags, and they keep well enough. But after a few weeks in the freezer, they don’t seem as potent as when I keep a batch at room temp or in fridge. I bake in large batches at a time so freezing is a must. I just ordered a vacuum sealer, anyone have any experience vacuum sealing baked goodies for freezing?
  2. Hard to vacuum seal cause they mush up

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  3. Crap that’s what I was worried about. Think if I refrigerate them first so they harden a bit, they would still smoosh up?
  4. That would be worth a try. I have a food saver and let me tell ya, vacuum is some powerful shit.
    The way the food saver operates, it vacuums down to a certain Hg and holds, then it automatically seals. I wish I could control how much vacuum I want, then seal when I want.
    I hear with the new ones you can seal liquid. I've had mine for some years and it's hard to seal chicken breast in marinade because it tries to suck all the juice out.
    Maybe the brownies won't crush in one of the canister accessories?
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  5. I freeze my canna butter in the ice cube thing tray in the freezer

    so the need to quick bake canna goodies can be done on the fry?

    to avoid the mushy

    good luck
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  6. I like the idea of a small container within the bag to be sealed. Yes, you will have a small amount of air within the container, unless you leave a corner up. Press it closed after the sealing process.
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  7. I’ve tried freezing my butter and it just doesn’tever quite bake the same as when fresh. I feel like I get more potency when I use it right away. I decarb with a lil machine and my butter always turns out perfect so I prefer to use it fresh and freeze the baked goodies. Idk maybe it’s just a stupid tick of mine. I got this cheap vacuum sealer just to test the waters, figured I could seal a few at a time and just trim the edges. I’m not familiar with the canister accessory thing mentioned. I’ll definitly look into that!

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  8. Just to clarify.

    The container(s) I am mentioning, can be those you already have.
    I don't think your sealer has the capability of using attachments.

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  9. Oh ok I think I follow now you mean like a tiny little Tupperware then vacuum seal that? I may or may not have eaten a brownie earlier, so bare with me
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  10. I bake them in a silicon tray, adorable little hearts, easier getting dosage right than when I used to eyeball cutting them up. Shit I could prob pop me out, let them cool, pop em back in and vacuum seal the whole silicon tray??? Maybe??
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  11. on my next bake I'm gonna just have thc in my icing rather than the cake

    ' for ease of dosing'

    it would be interesting to compare the destruction of THC to heat

    in the baking process to that of unheated baking icing

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  12. I
    I might give that a try just to see the difference in high like you said as opposed to baking. But will still need to wrap them for travel, lunchbox, giving to friends/fam etc, and icing does not wrap well lol
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  13. Aw shit man I’ll try that peanut butter recipe on here that everyone seems to love. Bet that shit would be good asf smeared on a brownie :yummy:
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  14. How about injecting the creamy filling like a Twinkie?
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  15. Omg this could be another level of heaven
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  16. They're going to smash trust me unless they're like bricks. I used to do cookies and vapor locks and if they weren't completely dried out and starting to get hard they would smash so mad you want a brownie will do

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  17. Well brick brownies simply won’t do :confused: Ah well, if nothing else I can at least vacuum seal my gummies lol!
  18. You don't have to vacuum them into bricks. I have a Food Saver with "Seal" and "Vacuum & Seal". I just suck enough air out to make it snug then stop vacuuming and just seal. Works well. :)
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  19. This is good to hear! Hopefully the vacuum sealer I bought has that function; fingers crossed. I’ve got a lb of butter currently simmering, and am baking tmr. I will update with (hopefully successful) results

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