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Vacuum Seal and smell

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by korienfan, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. If I vacuum seal an oz, will there be any smell? I don't want to buy a vacuum sealer if it does. My room smells so much I'm afraid to bring friends (who do not smoke) over 

  2. Go to the store and buy yourself an air-tight Tupperware container. IT will say 100% airtight/water-tight, and it will keep your room from smelling. If you buy one thats not guaranteed 100% airtight, it will REAK up your room for sure, happened to me before I found the right ones.
    Good idea, but the amount I have will require quite a bit of tupperware so that's why I'm relying on a vacuum sealer
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    Well you said you had an oz, and I've kept way more than that in an airtight container no prob. I'm talking a big ass tupperware container, they sell them at the grocery stores here.
    and they only cost ya 5-10 bucks
  5. I think OP was thinking of a lil more than personal use. In that case get a vacuum sealer and the "Right " bags. Smell will come from quality of bags not of sealer its self.
  6. I mean yeah, for sure if you're going to sell the shit. But if he's just "not wanting his non-smoking friends to smell it" any airtight container will work, that'd be retarded to constantly vacuum seal so "you're friends didn't smell it".
  7. the answer to your question is yes, vacuum seal bags keep the smell in. 

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