Vacuum Purge Method

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  1. So ive been making BHO with high quality trim/ low nugs and it looks perfect ambery color and everything. But i cant seem to get it to stop reacting. Ive let it sit for 48 hours + at 110 degrees, even trying to whip it and turning the heat up to 140 and it wouldnt wax up. I can never seem to get a clean product no matter how long i purge without and with agitating it. I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to break out the spoon for me and feed me the information as of what exactly to do once i have my oil on my oil slick. Ive tried vaccing + degassing + re vaccing and ive also tried just letting it vac and sit till it stops reacting then stir it and re vac and it still bubbles.  IT does stop reacting until i aggitate it! PLEASE someone help!

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    Heres some pictures,.also i forgot to add when it does wax up its still taste like tane

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