vacuum cleaner phobia?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Digit, Aug 12, 2003.


fear the hoover.

  1. Yeah, it freaks me out too. i hate it.

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  2. it bugs me, but no more than most probably.

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  3. I dont know what your problem is. perfectly bearable.

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  4. I make sweet love to my hoova!

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  1. who hates and fears the noise of a vacuum cleaner?

    I thought i was the only one for a while. it sends shivers up and down my spine, my neck judders turning my head around and my face screws up like i've just drunk a pint of some lemon concentrate. It would appear however that there are others out there who hate it almost as much as me.

    i'd rather have dustbunnies come alive and start attacking me from a river of hair and crumbs than to have to deal with that farkin eeeyvil sound.
  2. What a weirdo!!!!! :p
  3. Sorry Digit, but a vacuum cleaner was always comforting to me...reminds me of rainy Sundays when I used to sleep on the mom must have vacuumed in my sleep or something. I like it [​IMG]
  4. For some weird reason i love it i get goosebumps whenever it is turned on.
  5. haha you guys are weird with this vaccum shit...hmm i dont like it cus its fuckin loud and thats about it haha, peace
  6. so now its you and my sweet faced pooch that fear the hoover.
    i myself hate the sound of the telephone
    had myself almost a 2 year stint of not answering would ring and id just pick it up and hang up on people so it would stop. aaah phobias
  7. The best buzz is from a dyson *ohhhhh yeah im feelin those goosebumps getting me :D*
  8. I don't hate or fear the Vacuum itself...... But I can do with out all that noise.... I can't vacuum and think at the same time!!!!!!
  9. i don't even have a vacuum, that's how much i hate them. i kill my dust bunnies (elephants really) with a fine haired broom. quicker and cleaner too. when using a vacuum a large percentage of the dust just gets spewed out at the other end.

    remember people, nature abbhores a vacuum, and so should you.
  10. lol i personally almost crap my pants whenever i hear the noise of an alarm clock. in a commercial or in real life it ruins my entire morning. and if im high it ruins my high. hate them damn things.
  11. only my dog, but only when its in upright form. she loves being sucked by the attactment nozzle.

  12. lmao

    yeah, hehe, when i fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV, and there is this beep-beep-beep noise, i awake at once totally disoriented, going WTF!!! ...and crawl up to bed after a toke to calm me down :D
  13. amanita your right. i think maybe the vacuum just drowns out the cryin baby fora while, therego a quick fix.

    im wondering how many of the experts actually have children, let alone ones with problems.....
  14. haha, looks like you're still a vaccy sales man at heart
  15. a friend of mine did a stint as a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman, it think they were called kirbys or something similar. anyhow, he said it felt more as a religion than a salesjob, with all these pep talks and shit, trying to lift moods when all you really do is screw old folks off their cash. cost like 2k for a vacuum cleaner. oh, and the whole thing was more or less just a coverup for some pretty heavy pyramid gig. the actual salesman kept a tiny bit of the profits, the area leader got a bit from every sale and those higher up even more.

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