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  1. Well I'm going on vacation for a week. (sorry for typo in title...been sick for a while don't feel great :X)
    I have 1 female. Under 2 26w cfl's been in flower for 3/4 weeks.
    (haven't updated in a while)

    I was wondering if it is better to leave the light in cycle or turn the light off.
    A pre-bud is forming (went straight into 12/12)

    and I really don't want to lose this chika!!!

    any advice?
  2. just to clarify... you want to know if you should turn the light off for the week?? or go back to your vegging cycle. I'm just unsure of what your options are. personally i would leave it in the 12/12 cycle.
  3. Basically I wanted to turn the light off for a week because I was gone for 5 days, and they got REALLY dried up, and possibly turned two of my plants male, that I thought were looking quite female.
  4. Serious growers do NOT go on vacation.
  5. well you know then im just not a serious grower.
    thanks for the help!!!! :/
  6. Deprive your plants of light for a week because you're not there to water? You're not serious? I've never heard of anyone doing this so I have no idea what the outcome will be...hermie? death? Interesting proposition. Can you afford a $10 timer and $10 water pump?
  7. go buy a timer, you have to buy this or kill your plant. then get 2 milk jugs or two litter bottles, and prick a very very very small hole in the bottom center. experiment first to make sure your bottle will drip for a week. gluck
  8. Im going on vaca next week for 5 days and Im putting off starting my grow just so I have no worries while im gone :D

    Im ready to go and its killin me!!!
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    As long as they are adequately watered and the environment is dialed in you can leave them in the dark. 1 week is pretty long but they'll be fine, just add a week to the flowering time.

    With no lights on 1 watering should be plenty to last a week depending on pot size, medium and such but like I said.. "dialed in"

    I'm speaking from experience not what I read on the internet.
  10. I have a timer.
    Do not know of this water pump business. (sorry) But am interested.

    I was thinking it would be ok to turn the lights off bc i thought in nature, sometimes there are long periods of darkness.
  11. The sun rises every day. (Unless you are above the Arctic circle). Your plants will not survive in the dark. Do you have some problem with spending a couple of bucks on a timer??
  12. A timer at Wal-mart is $5.00. They also have an auto watering kit you can get to hook up to a faucet. Don't remember the price, but I don't think it was overly expensive. Heck, you can even get some aqua globes if you need to. Better than nothing. I saw them at Walgreens the other day (I think it was Walgreens, either that or Wal-Mart) for $9! I would definitely look for the drip system in the garden center though. It has the ability to clip onto the edge of your pot and water throughout. Worth a try friend. Cantharis was a little harsh in that first post, but he's well meaning. This is from a guy who grows plants bigger than most humans. He's really serious about growing. So, in the end it's up to you. Odds are you can get out of this with a healthy plant if you spend about 20 bucks total. Peace.

  13. ++ Rep to you my friend.

    The first reasonable post yet!!

    Do to where my set-up is...I cannot use a drip system because I am no where near a sink.

    So Sativa, I have a timer..with 3 outlets. (not sure why people keep harping on my buying a timer when I already own one.)
    But the options are:
    1. Keep the plant on cycle and hope that it doesnt dry out
    2. Drop a lightbulb (only use 1 26watt cfl) and hope it doesn't dry out.
    3. Learn more about this drip system.
    4. Aqua Globes (not sure what this is)

    What is the best way to save my plant for a week?
  14. water b4 you go, if you have room put the lights all the way up and keep on schedule. i only water once per week on my grow.

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