vacations without dope..

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  1. just got to wonderful cape cod with my family to spend a nice long week here. only problem is, I couldn't get any bud. my guy was on his own road trip and got back a couple days before i left, and he didn't have any left and couldn't get any more before i left. i tried, frantically and unsuccessfully, to score some from whoever i could think of. i was pissed at first, but now i'm more apathetic about it. i also figured i might be able to find my own hook up here :smoking:.
    went to the beach today by myself and tried askin anybody who looked like they smoked if they had any, but to no avail :devious:. might just try that all week...

    any stories of vacations stuck without the herb?
  2. My whole fucking summer vacation i haven't had any weed. Fucking pisses me off. At least i know i'll have a lot by the end of october.
  3. i gotta go through the same shit, fuck the airlines, everyone should have the right to bring their own herb wherever they go.

  4. that sucks bowl i find goes out to you :smoking:

    i know its absolutely stupid that you can't just simply take your buds wherever ya feel like tokin'. fuck airlines too hah thats why i'm happy that we drove here and don't have to worry about that shit, but i guess it didn't matter anyway..

    anyways for more background this is actually an annual family vacation, first time i went i was 9 months old, now i'm 18. and this actually is the last year we're going, since money's gonna be tight for both me and my 'rents with college for not only me, but my 2 sisters as well. thats why it kinda bums me out so much about not havin herb, but oh well this place is great without it.
  5. yeah its a bit of a hassle but just focus on the good time your supposed to be having on the vacation. :D
  6. Its not THAT bad, I mean can't you spend a week or so without bud? Its not like we're talking about crack here people.
  7. Once you get past the three day hump its not that bad. I kinda of find it funny when people freak out because they can't smoke for a week. Make something positive out of it, at least you get a little T-break.
  8. Thanks bro. It's cool not having weed, but it really sucks when it's the perfect time to blaze one and then you remember you don't have any weed and still won't have any for another two months.

  9. oh we aren't? :hide:

    ...but seriously i know. if it was any other normal week without bud i really wouldn't care, but like i said, its my last vacation here and i was really lookin forward to gettin baked and enjoying it.

    yeah i was thinkin of that. i kinda needed a nice t break.
  10. hell yeah! on the ride here i pretty much moved all my disappointment to the back of my mind, and focused on how awesome this week's gonna be!
  11. yeah a week isnt that bad but its cool to smoke in new places

  12. yeah i absolutely loved last year here tokin' up. beaches are the best high
  13. u could always drinkkkkkkk
  14. Im in the middle of a two week vacation with the fam. Im in the same boat. Kind of sucks, but then again I can take a 2 week break and be cool knowing that next time I smoke im gonna be RIPPED
  15. You don't need weed to enjoy yourself, especially on a vacation. If you do, you are an addict, and you have some problems. My advice: don't dwell on it. Go out and do something to take your mind off of weed.
  16. I spent a week in Orlando last year with no bud. Well, I had a couple of joints left of some purple haze I had shipped in from Amsterdam earlier that month but the people I was with didn't smoke so I killed those the first two nights in my hotel room. I thought it would bother me but all of the rollercoasters and other shit made me forget about it pretty quick and I had an awesome time. Plus I got to meet The Simpsons! :hello:

  17. then drink i shalll

    i know what ya mean man. cant wait to get really ripped again. forced t breaks suck, but silver lining i guess?

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