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  1. Okay I am going on away soon, for a good week. I have a couple seedlings from Nirvana Indoor Mix pack that was a pain in the butt to germinate (It's been a week and I only had two out of eight germinate)

    Anyhow the two seedlings that I have are currently spending outside in the sunshine for most of the day, and coming inside for night. They are residing in a little greenhouse platter, so I am not too worried about pests.

    I figured by the time I left for vacation, I would have several plants already well
    (a couple inches tall) on their way, and I could just leave them outside. Unfortunately that appears not to be the case, and instead I have two tiny little seedlings.

    Should I just plant the little seedlings outside and hope for the best? I don't want to hassle my friend to tend the plants, because he'll feel guilty if they die. I doubt they will be able to grow enough in the next week to sustain themselves.

    Any suggestions at all, or is this a lost cause?

    Thanks in advance
  2. My suggestion would be to put the pots in some kind of dish and fill that up with water. The plants will take the water from underneath and be watered while you are gone. I do this with mine and I have been able to go away for 10 days and they keep watered. My plants were also more established though so... You can also purchase a timer that will water your plants. I have a link for that if you need but, I think it is sort of expensive.
  3. The plate idea is great, I'll try that. I have seen those autowatering gizmos too, but I don't think I want to invest in one of those just for my vacation.

    Thanks a lot though. You helped me out a lot!
  4. Ok.
    Dish is fine. I just followed my own advice and broke down and bought that auto watering system today. With shipping it was $52 and hopefully I will be good to go while leaving my HPS ON as I have not been able to do up until soon (I hope).

    P.S. Here is the system and from whom I ordered from

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