vacation time - need to water!

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  1. So my friend's got a plant that's pretty mature but he's going away on vacation for a week and he needs a means of watering it while he's he won't give us a key to go inside his house. We were thinking we needed something that released like a slow, constant drip. Maybe like a sponge one of those hamster water bottles, or a string that would be like a wick. His light's on a timer so thats straight, we just need a method to water it, thanks.
  2. use a fishtank air pump..... a timer.... some silicone hoses.... and a air tight bottle full of water.... like a reverse bong.... i duno how to explain it right now im blasted... peace
  3. Enlighten me, please.
  4. ok check the pic i attached... you hook the pump up to the timer... set the timer to whenever u want to to water the plant... by the way you can water more plants according to the bottle size... the air pump will be pumpin air into the bottle and the pressure caused by that will force the water out of the other tube(s) and into the pots... the less plants u have the better this works... haha its kinda ghetto...

    damn its hard to explain shit when you're not sober... haha let alone draw a diagram in mspaint!



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  5. thats one way, or just get like a 5 gallon bucket with a waterpump in the bottom of it, and set the timer for when ever you want to water, then just hook a hose up to the pump to your pot, and let her rip....
  6. ...or you could just tell someone realiable to wather the plant for you ;)
  7. find something that can hold the plant pot, a plastic pop bottle and a couple of inchs of water.

    put a little hole in the bottom of the pop bottle on the side.

    fill with water

    put a few stones in the bottom of the water contaner and stand pot on it.

    put some water in the bottom of the water contanor till just the bottom of the pot is under water.

    stand pop bottle in the water so water is above the hole

    as water drops it comes out of the hole in the pop bottle and keeps water at same hight.

    have a play with a bottle in the sink lettin water out the plug hole to dial in the right hight for the hole

    it does work

    and yeah it aint easy doin these pics is it 3x

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  8. only problem with the above mentioned method is that you get back from vacation and the 2 litre is dry and so is your soil..... i dont know what size pots you use, but my pots use a litre of water every 2 days.... so a weeks vacation would require afew bottle in a big tray...... but it will still work.... or you could use a well sealed 5 gallon bucket, and drill a hole in the bottom for a 1/2" tube.... then run the tubeinto the bottom of you little tray under the bucket (make sure the hose is as flat running as possible.... ) then when the end of the hole is exposed to air, it'll let water out, then stop once the water level comes back up to cover the hose..... same basic principle, just large scale.... :)
  9. make sure the tube dont float either or it will just empty the bucket and flood. besides it works best when air can get into the bottle easy otherwise it just airlocks. i aint saying the tube wont work, probably would, i just think its overcomplecated and it adds another factor that can go wrong. k.i.s.s.

    asda do 5ltr bottles of spring water, 2 of them wud last allmost to weeks.

    *edit* just reread your post john. i thought u said a ltr a day not every 2 days.

    5ltr bottle woud last over a week. i wudnt use this methord any longer than a week or so as it will waterlog the roots and rot them in time. unless you use a wick system and use the bottles to keep that topped up.
  10. oh i thought you were talking about a wick system, cause thats what i used...

    if you've got a spare waterpump lyin around, i'd just use it, then you can even continue to use it after vacation, and save having to water as frequently....

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