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Vacation questions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. Here is someting that popped into my head last week while I was at Spring BReak.

    What would happen to a 38 yr old man, stoned solid for a week, riding a horse down the beach, and a thunderstorm blows up, lightening is streaking overhead so close that static electricity makes your hair stand up, AND the horse is scared of storms???

    BTW, what has been going on around here? somebody catch me up on the general vibe and happenings of the board.

    AND, I'm glad to see all of you again. Should have come with me it was a blast.

    Let me edit "hose" into "horse"
  2. :D glad to see yea back BPP!!!
    Id love to fill yea in, but im off to my new job, then calling my new girl later on...:D things have been good *here*! :D

    and just how do you go about riding that hose? hehe
  3. things here at the city have been good. the vibe is returning :D

    being on that horse would freak me out, lol!
  4. do you go from riding a hose to riding a horse? ;) heh

    The vibe of the City is back to normal and everything ROCKS!!!
  5. Poppa's going to think he came home to a bunch of smart ass stoners....

    Well, I guess he did!!! LOL! :)
  6. Yeah, make fun of my spelling! :D you bunch of smart asses!

    Damn its good to be back to friends.

    And Yes it was a dman horse that I was riding. First time on a horse in 20 years. My back finally feels better this morning after a twenty minute gallop down the beach with my spine being compressed and stretched. Damn feet and sandals were too big for the stirrups, should have rode bare foot.

    But the kids had a blast and that is what it is all about.

    Now where is my Spring BReak Rant thread from a couple of weeks ago. I got another one or two rants to add.

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