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vacation off to a shitty start

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by brian hobo, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. ah man, today being friday i was real happy all day; end of the week, and we have next week off of school. i come home to find out my friend's aunt (he lives with his aunt) supposedly smelled the pot we burned at his house earlier in the week.

    it sucked, i thought we'd have a lot more time but she came home right in the middle of our session. we barely had any time to mask the smell, and run out the other door before she got in.

    my mom got mad, im grounded for the weekend and possibly vacation. she was yelling at me, so i yelled back "would you rather have me switch to smoking cigarettes like you, so i could die early? or maybe i could start drinking like dad." she knows marijuana isnt as bad as everyone says so she left me alone after that.

    i just slept a little, she still went out for the night and my brother isnt home. i smoked a nice bowl to myself, i got to relax. i even forgot about everything until i came here.

    hopefully ill only be grounded for the weekend, then i can go skiing in vermont the whole week, its so nice to burn and ski. sorry for a useless post but i just wanted to talk, thanks for listening.
  2. please man, u have no idea wut the meaning of SHITTY is

  3. Yeah, u just failed the test, that sux. But that doesn't mean what he's feeling is invalid. getting busted in ANY way sucks.

    Good weed karma to both of you.
  4. yea you don't know shitty yet, thats a small bust, moms never get too mad, wait until your dad or someone who hasn't done it before catches you, they don't know what its like and they get angry cuz its a "drug" lmao but like that other guy said, busted is busted, sux for you, good luck witht he vermont thing, hope you have a good time :) im a hardcore freerider skier myself, so missin out on vermont would blow huge for me 2, so good luck with that. happy tokes my friend :)
  5. brian man, i live in vermont, what resort do you go to?

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