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    Sup everyone, got to NC yesterday for vacation. Found GC website/forum joined, and have been having fun since.

    I just wanted to tell you guys about whats happened so far, but it's nothing special... really. :)

    Last night i went to Rite Aid and picked up a gatorade, SoBe Nirvana, pringles, and visine =)

    I got home and made a homemade waterfall with the gatorade, (i had a nice socket for bowl), i fucked up the cap a little bit but made it work.. I was feeling good off those falls =)

    This morning i hit some falls with the ghetto ass gatorade fall.

    I wanted to make a nice SoBe Bong with the SoBe bottle i had so i was watching this video,

    And i broke the perfect hole for water release on my bottle !! MISSION SUCCESS !! i am so happy right now!! haha Im going to go finish making the cap. And toke.

    I fully recommend the Sobe Bong (waterfall), watch that video if you haven't heard about it. PS - I'm well aware many of you know about this.

    Im just very happy with my success.

    (click on the picture)


  2. where are you at in nc for vacay?
  3. Hendersonville, NC. My family has a house here.
  4. word, so youre near the mountains.

    lotta fun hiking trails around them parts.

    i love north carolina.
  5. smokey mountains are bomb
  6. Yeah, blazin on the mountain in the woods is pretty sick.
  7. hahhaha, dude you are in a town that pumps out this stuff called hendo, i sold it fer a solid 2 years an the shit was always the same indica dominant glory. i'd tell you where to go, but you know.. cant.

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