Vacation [] 10 Days [] How to keep plants watered??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Tincup74, May 12, 2010.

  1. Title says it all... How does everyone keep their plants watered while on vacation.

    Ive got a few ideas.. but really wanted to hear about other peeps ideas...

    I can have someone come water for me... but that adds another security concern (which I dont want) and also the person in mind is a few bricks short of a full load... so .. yeagh...lmao.. might be worse to have him water than leave them for a bit..lmao.

    ideas... GO GC GO!!!!:hello:

    :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: <--- Take a rip for me.. Im at work :(:(:(

  2. sounds kinda hectic, i take it no one else knows about?besides the tardy guy?
  3. id rig up some kinda drip system.maybe with a 2 liter bottle and some fish tank airline. idk how but its an idea maybe someone can work off of this and come up with something
  4. Ya nailed that one.. No one knows (and id like to keep it this way) xcept for the "Guy" He is my next door neighbor. Ive known him for a long long time... He knows about my operation... but needless to say i can guarantee his silence in the matter cause I have dirt on him but beyond that we grew up together, so him saying anything is about the furthest thing from my mind..

    I was thinking of rigging up a pump on a timer and have it come on and water em.. but that idea would need alot of refinement.

  5. [​IMG]
    Ever see those? They are auto-watering things but im not sure how long they last for

    They are called aqua globes, google it.

  6. the dollar tree has tiny ones for .... 1 dollar !
  7. You're welcome. Im not sure about the globe things but they do have pretty good reviews on Amazon so either one will probably work. Aqua Globes Mini- Set of 3: Home Improvement
  8. how many bricks short is he? would you be able to train him to do it properly? like fill some jugs ahead of time and tell him how much to give them on what days. and tell him to be extremely gentle so he dont fuck nothin up
  9. where are you located? I'll come by and water them.

    This is why its good to know other growers in town.

  10. LMAO ... Im up the dirt raod.. passed the millers farm.. when ya see the rusted broke down tractor with the deer horns PROUDLY displayed on it.. turn left... Follow it down about that far .. Im the 3rd house on the right.. :hello::hello:

    And my buddie is not rly that slow (he is legally slow though) .. My concern is he would want to "improve" them and "make me happy" so no telling what he would do.... He would have good intentions BUT i dont want his mind wondering when he is messing with my babies..lmao.l. make since??

  11. There is an episode of andy griffith about that.

    Your house sounds like it's right down the road from mine. My 1961 ford 801 powermaster still runs!
  12. if you wanted to really go all out you get a tupperware with water and a bio pump thats hooked up to lines then a drip can plug the pump on a timer and it will drip every time the timer goes on.put it on 1 or 2 times a day and they ll be golden.

    you might need something the size of a tupperware depending on if their in flowering(using more water) and gone for 10 days is alot.also depends on how many plants there are.

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