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  1. hey guys so i finaly got my dissector in so i can finally start purging vac and heat ways. so i was wondering where could you get a electrical vacuum pump? also which one shud? i use i was thinkin at the hand held one but then again i dont really wana do al the work .. thanks for the time to reply btw im in canada so maybe order off amazon?
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    hey boss thanks a ton for the reply but i cant find ny place that will ship to canada il try that website .. but there is no place that i can jus go buy it rather than shipping it ?.. this site u provided will ship to canada for extra 150 bucks.. im sure i can buy a new one for that much?
  3. Ya you know what you may just want to go to the store like Home Depot or the equivalent that's in Canada and see of they stock them but I'm pretty sure they are gonna be really expensive if they're inside a retail store but if you find one then make sure it has a 2 stage pump system this will help to keep a consistent pressure and low heat is essential to vac purging since it speeds this process dramatically
  4. kk thanks a ton bro im gona look around
  5. and remember the CFM does not matter technically for your just rates how fast it pulls the pressure...what you really want to look for is the MICRON rating...get something that is rated 25 microns or better (better is 20 microns would be a better vac for ex)

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