VA - Bassnectar @ TheHatFactory

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by mөsh, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. OH FUCK YA im there

    Bassnectar crammed into the little space that is the hat factory??


    u hitting biscuits halloween at all bud
  2. wuhtusai?
  3. The Disco Biscuits/String Cheese Incident at the hampton collisiem halloween weekend for hulween
  4. nah but I'll be at the Aragon in Chicago on Oct 30, on 2 hits of some lysergic, holla! Can you say costume party?
  5. Na I'm probably not going to that, just to see bassnectar and get fucking wild. Going to be rollin like a fucking wheel.
  6. I went to bassnectar last halloween it was pretttttty NUTS!!!! haha missing him this year tho for glitch mob and beats antique

  7. skipping nectar for glitch mob and beats antique? i mean they are both good, but they cant come close to the craziness that nectar will bring...thats a bold move sir

  8. well last year bassnectar actually put on a super short show for the actual show, and raged the after show, for twice as long, which kind of offended me that he is willing to cut the people who pay full price to see the actual show and go amuse the people who paid to get into a bar to see the after show, so im not letting him have any money this year, plus, gitch mob and beats new albums are way bomb. and i missed glitch earlier so i have to make up for bassnectar isnt on halloween here this year so fuck that lol i need a halloween show

  9. yeah i hear that...the way i see it, theres 2 days every year that u NEED to go to a show, halloween, and party nites ever

    sadly theres no good halloween shows here, but i know a sick local DJ and hes settin sumthin up now for halloween at the biggest party schol arlound, he spins hard electro house and dubstep so that will be fun, but not as fun as like a real show

    and on a good note, i just found out im goin to see Datsik tomorrow nite, fuck ya
  10. hell yea! yea STS-9 usually rages colorado for NYE and they are again this year so i may drop in to that and see whats up hahaha, but glitch and beats are defs taking over my halloween night.

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