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V-Tower Extreme Vaporizer Better and cheaper than Volcano vaporizer

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by botanist77, Nov 6, 2008.

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    Im thinking of buying the V-Tower Extreme Vaporizerthat costs $299. (http://www.vaporizergiant.com/vtower_extreme-vaporizer.html)

    I see a websight called www.buybluntz.net and they sell the vaporizer for 249$, but it doesnt state on their website it uses a ceramic heater, (im thinking they probably forgot) http://www.buyblunts.net/xc-vev.html

    It has a whip system,bag, and shotgun style vape method.

    Heres a youtube video link that explains it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY5QGa-WjIY&feature=related.

    My question is Has anyone bought it? Does it work good and put out alot of vapors during inflating the bag with vapors and does it have good taste when using the Whip method/ Is it like the volcano, and is it goood? Or is it a cheap knock off?

    I was looking at another vaporizer called the Vapormatic Deluxe by vapir ( http://www.vaporizerdeals.com/vapormatic_vaporizer.html) but i dont like how it has a ejecting disk drive where you put the metal discs containg herbs inside the drive and push the ejecting disk drive back in because i bought a piece of shit vapir 1 v1 a Long time ago and it had the same ejecting drive.

    I tried the volcano and the evolutions v7 vaporizer (similar to supervapezilla) but im not going to pay that much for a vaporizer.


    The extreme vaporizer has a ceramic heater.

  2. Yes. One of my good friends owns that very model, and it really gets the job done. The only problem is that you need to be EXTREMELY careful with the glass parts. While the company claims it is the strongest available glass, it is not. My friend broke 3 glass pieces the first night he used it just in front of my eyes. When you pull the hose off the glass, make sure you are pulling it perfectly straight, otherwise it'll crack in half. The built-in fan thing in that is awesome, and its the only way I vape. Definately buy the tower, just be careful with glass fittings!
  3. I'm talking about the V-tower.
  4. I just got a silver surfer, best money I ever spent
  5. looks pretty nice but i dont think any vape can beat the volcano
    i mean just look at it
    it looks like a ufo
    i have a 50 dollar vape off ebay and it gets the job done
    actually works really good
    dont use it much though, i like bongs
  6. hahah the first night i used my extreme i broke 2 of the glass pieces. glad to hear im not the only one who had trouble with that
  7. V-Tower Extreme = Honda Civic.

    Volcano = Cadillac.

    Will it get you from point A to point B? Yes. Is it the same? Absolutely not.

    Sounds like they must use some really cheap low quality china glass. I would steer clear.
  8. dont get me wrong its a really nice vape, i just had trouble with some of the glass connections. but since that night i havent broken anymore pieces. i would def reccommend it
  9. I have had mine for about a year now never broke anything but the glass stir that was cheesy to begin with.
  10. bobby blaze says,
  11. V-tower here. YOu can not beat the speed of it either. I have used the volcano solid and easy valve systems and they are a straight pain in the ass compared to the tower.
  12. i got mine like 3 weeks ago and its amazing. i havent had ANY trouble with the glass, putting together the bag system the first time was a little scary, i felt like i was going to break it but i didnt in the end. everything works amazingly i could not be more happy with this purchase and its a lot cheaper than the volcano. i 100% recommend the extreme vape.
  13. I've had mine for several months now. No problems, I'm very happy with it. There are so many different things to do with it, fun to play with. Thats my two cents worth :D
  14. Well I have owned this Vaporizer for 6 months. And I have broken every single glass piece on it. Just the other day the Glass surrounding the ceramic heater broke into 2 pieces. And this is the only part I can't find a replacement for. Every glass piece for this is easily breakable with your bear hands. Also imagine how sticky the glass gets after a few uses and trying to get glass apart.

    Don't get me wrong this vaporizer works decent but nothing compared to a Volcano. I wish I wouldn't have thrown my money at it.
  15. thats definitely not to expesnive cheap .
  16. how has no one mentioned dabuddha? granted it is a less expensive silver surfer it is near the same quality, as far as the silver surfer goes, i can say without a doubt that it is the absolute best vaporizer on the market, i am a person who has owned both the volcano, dabuddha, silver surfer, several box vapes (vaporbros and the like), vapir1, a couple portable vapes, and the v-tower extreme (breakable piece of crap, and the only ones that produce comparable vapor quality as well as longevity are the silver surfer and dabuddha, imho volcanoes are a party toy(bag system) and are very difficult to route through waterpipes, go with the ssv! hope this is helpful and have a beautiful day!
  17. The glass breaking easily in your hand is complete bullshit... I've had mine for over a year now and i haven't broken one thing. If you're a clumsy tart then you shouldn't be around glass, but if you have glass bowls and haven't broken them, then you'll be fine. All in all I love this vaporizer, It's affordable, easy to use (i just don't see how assembling it took someone close to an hour wtf?) and just like any other piece you need to maintain it because the bowl does get sticky after a while (not a few uses like previously stated). The easiest way to clean the bowl is to just get a small tupperware container and put come isopropyl alcohol in it, throw in your bowl, close it up and shake for a min. There! Brand new! Also you can do that for your mouth pieces and the glass parts of the whip. Now that that's cleared up, I have also found that if you have a bong you can either use a filled bag and put it in place of your slide (gives great bubble vape hits) or you can just put the long whip in place of the slide as well and you can even turn it on fan 1 or 2 to help out the ease of hit. Currently, I just fill the bag and use it on my double bubble ice bong for some frosty hits. I love it. Oh yeah and you can layer in keif along with your ground up bud and get tasty floral hits. In conclusion, if you want a nice, sleek, portable, remote controlled, glass on glass vaporizer without having to take out a loan to buy it, the Extreme Vaporizer and new Extreme-Q Vaporizer is the way to go, hands down...
  18. I dont know why people buy this vape....it looks like shit.
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    Never judge a book by its cover. I needed something to get me high not look pretty. and the extreme q does that perfecty.

    Thanks for all the good advise everyone else. THis vape is sick! just got mine and I dont think ill ever smoke again. i have tried two different box vapes in the past and i didnt feel that i was high either time. they did both seem kind of cheap.

    But after reading about this kickass product i had to get it. and it does the job beautifully. definately worth the price .got mine for 300, but still a kill for 250 less than the cano and 2 day shipping for free. :hello:

    there are so many options with this thing too. Great buy!

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