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V 3600, pink pill

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SimplySmaLLs, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. So ive done my research, and an old friend of mine gave me 8 of these chalky pink pills, with a V stamped on one side, and 3600 on the other. Thru my research ive found that it is indeed a Hydrocodone pill,:hello:

    Now my question to you all is, i have what my fiance likes to call "pill anxiety" Ever since i can remember ive NEVER been able to swallow pills, E pills = snort or chew, my old adderal, broke it open into some applesauce. Now 20 years old w/ no end to this "pill anxiety" in sight, i ask you all

    Is it ok to crush/ Chew a hydrocodone pill, i would assume that it would be ok and all would still get into my system fine, but since i didnt get this direct from a pharm. bottle i dont know the warnings, and i know some pills specifially say you should not crush/chew.

    Regardless, i got 8 hydros, and imma be straight CHIIIILLLLEN. If anyone knows if its cool to chew these pills, or maybe crush em and mix em with something please lemme know

    Thanks, SmaLLs
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    Yeah you're fine chewing them/breaking them in half... whatever you want. Just somehow take them orally. If you mind the taste too much break em up wrap in toilet/tissue paper and swallow. This might make it even more hard to take though IMO.

    btw those are 10/500 hydro's

  3. yep thats them, yeah i cant parachute pills for shit, but thanks for the help guys. Taste never really bothers me, cause i usually got a blunt sparked ready to hit, to get the taste out haha

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