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  1. Anyone who has experimented with using these in your grow please post your comments to any positives and or negatives that you found.

    Also, I was doing some research and am wondering if it would be a good idea to set a separate timer for a uvb light for like 5 hours during vegetative growth, and like 3 hours during flowering.
  2. Check this video out it may give you some help
    you mite have seen it already but it a good explain about how the plant uses the UVB

  3. i used a 26w 10.0 uvb last grow, just during flowering on for 12hrs & i saw some improvement on trich development
  4. YO IM GETTING ONE. I hear the zoo med one is the one to get

    GL :D
  5. keep us up to date on that UVB light. It makes total sense if Dr. Grow has his info right. Personally id love to know if you notice a difference
  6. check icmag too for uvb info, if u want ill sho u the thread they talk about it. google "zoo med marijuana" too for some info.

    that video was sweet man!!! Im SURE it will help trich production but they DO say to get that zoo med one man
  7. hey rootntootn (sp) let us know about that uvb man Im interested.

    post some pics of the installation and shit too yo - props!!
  8. Hey all.

    If you want to see what UVB does to a grow, do a search here on grasscity for a thread called 'Mr Postman's Overgrown Closet Grow'. He used UVBs on all the grows in that. Amazing stuf. I dont think he was using the Reptisuns for that (those 10.0 models are relatively new, so they werent available to him then), but his 5.0 type bulbs did a good job for him anyway, since he was training the plants and had an even canopy (the UVB didnt have very far to penetrate).

    He would leave his UVBs on during the entire daylight cycle. So they went on with the main lights and off at night. I dont remember when he would start turning them on, Veg or Flower. Personnally, i'm going to start using my Reptisuns during veg, after the plants have gotten past the seedling stage.

    Anyway check it out, its a monster 20+ page thread. Lots of good info in there, especially for topping, FIMing, and training in general. I got the same Reptisun 10.0's for my grow too, just havent been able to grow anything out with them yet cuz of other, non-growing, related issues.
  9. great info - yeah, anyone that hasnt checked out postman's thread check it out for sure
  10. couldnt find a reptisun locally - got a repti-glow 10.0 this should work, no??
  11. Ya man, I got the repti sun 10 uvb and threw it under my hood at like 5 weeks of flowering, I was reading something from December hightimes (cervanteze RX) and he said some research has been done but nothing has been proven, I watched that u tube video and talked to a few friends of mine who have tinkered with it and I figured it was worth a shot, I'll get some trich shots from my bag seed grow, looking pretty dang purddy :smoke::smoke:

    I'm doing 6 hours a day during mid light cycle, gonna read up on that thread and maybe kick it to 12 hours?
  12. Good to see that this thread is still alive!!!

    I'm definetly picking one up, it just makes alot of sense!!!

    Might make my Lowryder turn from average crazy short plant
    Awesome crazy short plant

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