UVB Bulbs can serve more than 1 purpose

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  1. after reading some of my new book, i found out that UVB bulbs can serve 2 purposes, most of us know that UVB bulbs help increase THC production, well after futher reading about OZONE generaters & how they work, i read that a ozone generator works by takeing O2 & letting UV light rays hit the O2 after 1min, & then after 1min the UV rays turn the O2 into O3 (ozone) reducing the odor in the air, then after its exausted out, the O3 converts back to O2.
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    Ozone generators from UV bulbs were very popular here several years ago. Some people still use them but since charcoal filters came on the market they all but disappeared.

    Basically the ozone is an unstable oxygen molecule and when it hits odor molecules it destroys them. Problem is you need enough space/time for the ozone to mix with the smell and cancel it out. If you don't do that it'll smell like ozone where ever you exhaust your room.

    Ozone is very corrosive so if you are smelling it, its already damaging your nose.

    The UV bulbs are also dangerous to your eye.

    Ozone can also be used to kill mold/fungus in your grow room/house and it can be used to kill male pollen in a grow room if your plants hermied and pollinated.
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    also, just a note

    the uv bulbs we use to increase trichs is UV-B. the uv used to create ozone is UV-C. Plants use UV-C for nothing, as the atmosphere filters out all usable levels of this light.

    no bulb that you will easily come by produces usable amounts of both UV-b and UV-c, at least not that I know of.

    most will do uv-a and uv-b, OR uv-c. black lights are primarily uv-a.
  4. yea i knew most of that, but did not know that it killed pollen +rep

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