UV sterilizer to keep res clean?...

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  1. Could an aquarium Uv sterilizer be beneficial to a hydroponic setup?....well actually my question is more will it hurt at all? bc if it wont hurt this is an awesome way to help with keeping the ph stable along with keeping unwanted bacteria/algae away...
  2. I haven't done hydro ever but i know with soil you do not want light to hit the roots... i would say its possible but you would want to have two res that keep a constant circulation between the two.. in one you could be where you clean with the UV and such and in the other would be the root structures... add light traps and i would say you would be good... thats how my mind sees it anyways.
  3. well with fish tank uv sterilizers water is pumped through it and you do not see the light...i just want to make sure it wouldnt hurt the water, ph, nutrients, or give off anything that could mess with the plants
  4. Don't forget it would alo kill Beneficial bacteria that plants like having around.

  5. this is the type of answer i was looking for....are these the bacteria that the roots thrive off of? i remember reading a few things that were suggesting bacteria that use stuff the roots give off and give off stuff the roots want....but also in fish tank aquariums they also have bacteria that is good and from what i know it doesnt kill those bacteria....has anyone ever tried a uv sterilizer? or have any links on why it would be bad for MJ? ive been searching since i thought of the idea and cant find anything that says it would be bad or good
  6. The UV would definately kill off the algae but if your res has nutes in it, it'll kill any bacteria in that as well.


    sorry about yelling. i had to get my point across.
  8. hahah thanks....i found some usefull info.....bassicly having a UV sterilizer will do more help than harm....now also something ive thought of doing is when i upgrade i will be adding a uv sterilizer in my main res which will keep it away from the roots so it wont kill the good bacteria on the roots but will kill and free floating bacteria
  9. i live in a pretty hot climate (110+ in summer) and have looked into all things that will get rid of my root rot problem.

    keyword: redundancy

    with a rez chiller, uv sterilizer, and ozone injection, nothing could possibly get by.
  10. also, uv sterilizer DOESNT KILL ANYTHING!!!

    it sterilizes it so the bacteria cant repoduce.


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