UV light from ozone and FLOWERING

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by karnival8, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Shrug... but any particular reason you opted for this vs. a carbon scrubber? Hate to tell ya but stinky strains will easily outdoo an ozone generator either because they will stink, or the ozone will have to be so high the air takes on a toxic smell.

    IMHO, go with a carbon scrubber and worry not about odor.
  2. what size carbon scrubber would you go with for a 1400cu ft room with 60 plants?

    the ozone generator i was talking about was in line to treat exhaust air before leaving my room.

    i was going to use both together...

    what are your thoughts?

    keep in mind vibration and getting large items into the space is a problem.
  3. Wow shit...use both together. Right on - well, IMHO, one can never truly go overboard when it comes to odor control.

    Looks good to me man - not sure even a drug canine could pick anything outta air treated with both ozone/scrubber.
  4. what size scrubber/fan combo should i use?

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