UV light affect FLOWER?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by karnival8, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if UV light from my inline ozone will affect the flowering during darkness. I get a lot of UV light splash around the room and even some spilling out from the lights.
  2. Seal it... you dont want any lights in the flowering chamber.

    Just think, if we tell you it's no problem - and your entire first batch is hermi's... you're gonna be pissed.

    So just error on the side of darkness here and try to seal it up or at least block the light with some panda paper.
  3. i agree with klutter

    the plant, iirc, cant absorb uv-c light (this shit used in ozone gens). But, we cant see it either. The fact that YOU can see light coming from it proves its not exclusively emitting light in the uv spectrums, and as such the plant certainly can absorb the light. seal it.
  4. ^^DITO^^
    Not to mention those ozone things aren't exactly good for your health. I'd ditch it for a carbon filter (and some ONA if you want/need) if it's just for odor abatement.

    Also, painting the inside of your duct flat black can help cut down on the reflected light.
  5. Go with both ozone gen and carbon filter. I use a ionic air quadra for my ozone generator (works just the same). It comes with 3 settings, high, med, low. Just put in on low and nearest your grow area and you won't have any problems. Atleast I haven't!

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