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Uuuhhh...I just smoked an ant. :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Heinous Anus, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. poor anty, just wanted a little buzz of his own.
  2. looks like someone already got the idea to put this shit in their sig.
    fuckit so am I
    R.I.P Leroy :bongin:
  3. Bumped for the Soul of Leroy.
  4. What an awesome thread.
  5. funniest thing i've read all night
    + rep for that
  6. Haha nice bump, I remember reading this a looong time ago.

    Leroy will live on forever :metal:
  7. Epic man.... Hahaha did you feel a surge of new found presentedness*? Yes I said that correctly.

    What the hell heinous I thought you didn't come round these parts no more... Where you been brotha!?
  8. I remember this thread!

    *clanging glasses* TO LEROY!
  9. This has got to be the best thread here on this site lol
  10. im glad this got bumped so i got a chance to enjoy it. i have been laughin my fuckin ass off reading this. ive passed out a ton of rep cause i cant stop laughing... lol leroy the badass motherfuckin ant:metal:
  11. you sound like you were lifeless when you were hitting that bowl bro i would see a ant in my bowl pack in a heartbeat thats nasty LOL
  12. That was funny but this thread is from 2006.
  13. OP probably has a family now and has moved on.

    Almost 7 year old thread, haha.

    But eek. Smoking an ant.

    When I was 17, I had a very nice and fat blunt roach in my window (meaning if I closed my window, it would close on the roach itself - good place to hide it).

    Anyways, it was night and the lights were off. I opened the window a bit and blindly grabbed for the roach. I picked it up. I thought it felt weird, so I rolled it in between my fingers. From there, it crumbled.

    I turned on the light and saw that I had crumbled a dead and dried out (and rather large) bug - I think it was a beetle.

    Eek, aack. I love my buggly friends and all, but crumbling a dead insect with your fingers?!
  14. Hell yah! go see if your any stronger now! you should be able to lift up anything :)<

    well not anything...but yah

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