Utopian Society

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Luigili, May 22, 2010.

  1. I just thought about this today, what is your perfect utopian society like? I never really thought about this before, so i don't really know how mine would be like, but i'm curious to how you guys would describe a perfect society.
  2. we live in the nation of mask.
    "who has the best mask on"
    i wish everyone truly did or went about there true desires.
    and for everyone to be more openminded.
    you dont have to agree, but its not wrong,
    just not for you type of thing.
    unless u into horses n what not =/
  3. Everyone could read everyone's thoughts.

  4. that would suck on so many levels :D

    you woul think of something dirty u wanna do to some1 and they can hear it... kinda creepy llol
  5. Anarchy.

    We do not need to centralize power. This will hopefully be the next step in human evolution. Politics ruin the world. The definition of a politition is controling the enviroment around you. They are only the superficious, shallow peoplein beverly hills except they have brains. Mind control is real, but not the movie supported, electronic device to warp your brain waves. Social engineering is a technique used by many con-men, spies, and businessmen to get what they want. You can influence human behavior if you are a student of these studies.

    If you are a reader, go to a bookstore and buy books by Dr. Haha Lung. Weird name, yeah but his books are excellent.

    Also, if you know how to download files through certain programs...search Art of decption and art of intrusion by Kevin Mitnick.
  6. 2012...
    gonna be the shit.
    stepping into how things should be if you let it
  7. Its when society breaks down and people learn to live for themselves or die. I would actually love for that to happen about now. Then I could grab my SKS and go inna woods.


    Good thing California makes me detach the grenade launcher or it'd be hell (or heaven for me).
  8. imagine how great it would be if
    a) people couldn't lie
    b) people had to be their true selves
    c) people could see everyone's fears

    it would be awkward if you were suddenly thrown into it but you'd soon get over it real soon as you would see how alike everyone is.
  9. i think if you got rid of some human emotions, it would make the world so much better. like embarrassment, jealousy, or greed

  10. but all emotions are what make a person so unique
  11. Utopia is Greek for "nowhere". I think it's an apt name.
  12. i dont think its possible. like Gautama once said, happiness is the going not the state of being
  13. well i wouldn't get rid of a person's individuality, but i think that it would benefit people if certain emotions didn't exist. For example, why are people embarassed when they fart in public, or get a boner in class. I mean it happens to everyone, it's just what the human body does; it's natural.

    I just think that people would come out of their shell and stop hiding behind a mask.

  14. wouldnt it be weird to see a guy whack off in public lol?

    if he wasnt emberassed as u say lol :D

  15. if no one had any shame though then i don't think anyone would care

  16. you just blew my mind... (in a good way)

  17. well thank you. you actually made me think about that one though :D
  18. This.

    Also check out Brave New World by Adolous Huxley
  19. wouldn't it also be nice if no one looked down on other people, and if there was no racism or religious prejudice.

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