Utopia Haze in Custom PC Case Supercropped and LST'd

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  1. Got a request to post some pix of a little project I've had going on for awhile now. I got the idea from a few others here on Grasscity and from a my best friend, you know who you are.

    These pictures are of my custom PC case modified for stealth growing. I use 2 2700k 26w cfw bulbs and 2 computer fans wired for A/C power, one for exhaust and another for ambient air. These are plugged into a power strip at the top plugged into a digital timer. Simple thermometer is used inside to monitor temps and humidity and all vents are covered with black stockings to prevent light leaks, dusts, or bugs from entering.

    The strain is Utopia Haze, from clone of a verified seed mother. I put it to flower at 1 node and 1 inch tall, and despite my best efforts it blew up the limited vertical space my case provides.

    Considering using some sort of screen to train next time rather than super crop and LST with bobby pins like I did the last few times, especially if I think I'll run out of vertical space again..

    Comments are welcome :wave:

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  2. [​IMG]

    Thats the money shot, wow !

  3. nice stealth grow.

    how many weeks into flowering were you at towards the last set of pics?

    I'm on my first grow right now and 3 weeks into flowering and my tops look sooo pale in comparison to yours...leaf set spacing is way off, buds are still very small.
  4. Just starting week 9. About to chop it down tonight at the beginning of week 10! :D (Breeders specs are 9-10 weeks I believe).

    One thing you may not have noticed is that I raised the pot in the beginning so the plant was no further than 1" away from the lights at all times. Then, I slowly lowered the plant as I ran out of vertical space and this helped node spacing tremendously in my setup this run opposed to previous runs where I was less thorough.

    Hope that helps some. Good luck in you endeavors GrimloxK, keep at it! :wave:
  5. its sativa let it go 11 you will be rewarded
  6. Thanks for confirming my suspicions nick7362.. after inspection last night I think I'm still at least a week out so I went ahead and fed her and I'll reassess the situation again next week. The plant really smells great now at this stage. Can't wait to cut her down. :devious:
  7. im in the same boat i got a bagseed in some mids and i been growin it out its some sort of south american orange sativa that smells like pepper n cotton candy and it kills me to look at it bc i want to taste its smoke
  8. also OP did you take off the fan leaves? If so is there a method that you used?

    I ask because you plants look very neat.

    I'm so jelly that you did this on a microgrow and I have way more space than you and mine look anorexic.
  9. :wave: Hey Newbs!
  10. The Utopia Haze is calyx heavy to begin with so its been a dream to manicure, but as they pass maturity I pull them off by pulling down gently and if they are resistant I'll sever them at the stalk with my thumbnail. Just not too many leaves to begin with!

    Thanks for the compliment, I'm proud of this run in the case. Here's to hoping for swollen buds for you in the near future! :wave:

    Hey 420_Osborn! Glad to have u along. How about that Utopia Haze, eh? ;)

    I'm flushing it tonight so I'll snap a few pics for you guys. GrimloxK will notice I trimmed a few more of those fans off that died. It looks, in a word, succulent! :hello:Still a ways off from tasting and giving a smoke report though. Definitely glad it's going to go the full 11 weeks. :cool: More to come.
  11. Thanks man...I just realized that i'm at week 10 but since this is my first grow i'm counting my veg weeks as well.

    In flowering I'm 5 weeks deep so far. I'm growing red dragon right now which has parentage of utopia haze so like you said I hope my buds fatten up soon. I haven't had the courage to try defoliating since I read that I should have started doing it in veg.

    I don't know what would happen if I defoliated right now 5 weeks into flower so I don't really know if I should try it. I had some leaves towards the bottom yellowing and drying up which I took off.

    Def want to see some new pics though.

    And another question how many weeks flowering time are you gonna let your U. Haze run for? Since we're doing similar strains i'd like to know. because for my red dragon they say let it run 9 weeks but idk if I should let it go to 11.
  12. Hah, that will do it! You're going to like what I have to say about RD... :D

    I try to never take more than 10% off during any trim to not shock the plant, and I only take what I deem unnecessary leaves. The plant needs most of em. I'm sure you're doin just fine. :cool:

    I took some the other night so I'll post an update next. Chop is imminent. :hello:

    Probably tomorrow, day 77 and 11 weeks exactly is how it seems to be playing out. Breeder specs said 9-10 weeks, but the last week seems to have benefited the plant, as you will see in the new pics. Feel free to post pics of yours here if you want, or make a thread and I'll follow along to give you any pointers I can.

    I have a friend harvesting a Red Dragon any day now and it is absolutely spectacular so I'm dubbing him the resident RD expert. It looked wimpy all the way until about where you are in flowering though. I'm sure this post will liven your spirits.

    Russy's Interactive Perpetual Grow- Red Dragon
  13. Chop planned for tomorrow night. :D

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  14. 3 more days.
  15. shits trpping me out. your photos say 2012
  16. He accidentally uploaded next years grow... :p

  17. man, i sure miss my PC grow :(
    nice plants u got there though
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    Pff I didn't even notice that good catch guys. LOL I guess the secret is out, I'm from the future! :rolleyes:
  19. they comin down today? u should wait a little bit more i know ur dyng but its worht it
  20. I think she is extremely beautiful, and she also looks ready to pull whenever you would like. How long have you been doing your flush? Or were you on much of a nute schedule?

    Great job though... I can imagine opening a little home LAN center but instead of gaming rigs there growing rigs :D!

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