Utopia Haze herms

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  1. Didn't know where to put this so put it here. The Utopia Haze from Barney's sounded good. They came from Attitude.

    Looked intriguing growing. Never saw anything quite like them. Kind of slow to grow but fast showing something in flower. Then the pollen sacks showed up. :( Won't know for awhile but probably seeded something that was not supposed to be seeded.

    Phooey! :wave:
  2. Some Barney's Farm Red Diesel came along with the Utopia. I am beginning to wonder about Barney's. 4 out of 5 came up. They are all mutants. Tall sticks that refused to branch. When they did branch, they look mutant.

    What is funny is that the free G 13 sour diesel that came with them looks 50 times better than the Red Diesel that cost $50.
  3. i had a barney's g13 haze feminized...that was either herm, or more likely a pure male.

    either way, since this isnt a rare report for BF, I doubt ill be purchasing anymore of their plants.
  4. Utopia Haze - Wanted to update on the Utopia Haze. Threw out one that hermed and thought the other one did too. It was mislabeled and hiding in the back. It did put out the yellow looking herm things but did not dump pollen like the other one. It has an interesting exotic look to it. It will be interesting to see what it turns out like.

    Red Diesel - There is something really wrong with the Barney's Farm Red Diesel. Refuses to grow in veg. One was so mutant it was thrown out. Another is about 1 foot tall after months. One looks sort of like it might grow into something. Maybe.

    G13 Super Skunk - That plant is funny. It says finished in 7 1/2 weeks and they are serious. Red hairs around 5 weeks or so. It is the perfect stealth plant because it doesn't look like fancy weed. You could plant it in a field and people would walk by it. It does stink pretty bad though. Plan on a long time veging if you want a big plant.

    G13 Pure Gold - Nice looking plant. Lots of crystals and sticky like an afghani type of plant.

    THC Seeds Sour Diesel - Not really a Sour Diesel. ;( One of them had a taste of sour diesel in it. The other one was a pure candy smelling afghani kind of smell. They grew OK and put out respectable amounts. As long as you don't mind afghani candy kind of bud with a hint of sour diesel it is OK. Too mild for my tastes.

    Royal Queen Silver Haze - Very nice plant! Tried other silver hazes. Everyone is so hung up on yield that they are all mixed with skunk or something else to get bigger yield. The result is not really what used to be silver haze. This Royal Queen stuff looks like a silver haze and yields like one too. Not a lot of bud but pleasant to look at. High is extremely clear and up. You could sit there and smoke an entire branch off the plant without even realizing it. One was kind of runty but that was OK because the other was a big spreading haze like you would expect. If you like really clear up haze this is a good one.

    Super Lemon Haze - Wow! They exploded out of the seeds, the clones explode out of the cubes, the plants explode out of the pots, the buds explode off of the plant, and the smell explodes in your nostrils. With that kind of background I can't wait to see if the high explodes in your head. ;) They look like the kind of buds you see high definition pictures of. Amazing.
  5. You must have got dealt a bad batch bro My friend bought some Utopia fems from attitude and they blew his other strains away. Great taste and a bomb yeild!! You should send a complaint to attitude seedbank. They in return will complain to the breeder and probably send you some more on the house. I met someone who did this. Try amnesia lemon. Its a really fast grower and every bit the high of utopia, if not more. peace
  6. yea, ive also read some shady reports on attitude. my blue cheese by barneys is lookin beyond fire. looks like its rolled in sugar, and its still got like 3 weeks to go. :wave:

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