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    I know UTI is expensive and CC is cheap, but I just want to know if I am applying at a dealership, would the manager pick the person who graduated from UTI over the person who went to CC? I'm just curious and any difference between UTI and CC, for example if which school has more hands on rather than lecturing.
  2. What are you trying to do...
  3. Get an automotive degree
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    I went through a two year toyota accredited program for a full A.A.S degree. Came out of college with 5/8 ASE certifications. The service manager at the dealership I worked for brought in a UTI guy as his flat rate technician about a month after hiring me... never gave me a shot at anything but changing oil.
    The UTI couldn't make flat rate for the life of him.. the service writer ended up giving him credit for all the work I did cuz I was just hourly. I remember one day, he dropped a truck off the lift at 8 ft in the air... bounced it right off the pumpkin... they didn't know what the hell to do with half the truck on the lift still.. Another time, I watched him chase his tail with a multi-meter for 3 days trying to diagnosis a failed power window motor... finally had to pass that job off to the shops master tech.

    One day i'd had enough and sat down with the owner of the dealership after keeping track of my hours for a week,just a fraction were recorded in the books with very obvious discrepancies as to who performed what ...I left that dealership. Went back to school and haven't been in the field since.

    The service manager,writer, and that UTI tech---all turned over shortly after my departure.

    To make a long story short.. UTI has the hype, but go out and get your A.A.S degree you are going to know so much more!
  5. Fuck bro, that sounds way too similar to this guy I know...
  6. Can Get an A.A.S. degree at a community college? lol
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    i wouldnt worry about whether or not u go to a cc or uti. An employer looks at more then just your "skills". A great personality will beat over any uti graduate.

    Its what you make of it really, you can go to either and get any job you want.
  8. thanks thats all i need and some hands on experience.
  9. yeah but if you're local community college has a good automotive program you can check out taking courses there. it's cheap and if it's like my local cc, you might have just have classes in the evening which makes it easier to balance classes with a side-job or something
  10. Agreed. You could get an A.A.S. at community college. Do that, get ASE certified, and save about $25k. I could tell you this much, getting your foot into a dealer is not easy, and the way the economy is especially in the auto industry, it'll be hard to get in especially with a decent pay. If you have some time to wait it out, it may work out ok.

    A Bachelors of course helps alot if you're planning on moving up in the future.

    If I remember correctly, UTI only gets you a certification, community college will get you a degree if you take a few extra courses (4?)
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    For sure..

    (A.A.S) associates of applied science in Automotive technology is what I have.
    Like mentioned above, it takes a few extra courses outside the curriculum of automotive technology to accomplish that.

    I would highly recommend it. The UTI tech program is how long? I honestly don't know but I can bet you it isn't anywhere near the time I spent both in the shop and in a book.

    Our community college model...which seems to be a common one...is this:

    Course were broken down into 5 week intense studies in one particular area..IE, brakes, engine performance, automatic transmission.. One hour lecture, 3 hours shop each day. The shop was a real shop setting, with real customer vehicles with real problems that we really fixed. lol

    The difference between the average mechanic and that technician that excels in this field is going to boil down to your grasp of electronics and their systems, application, and diagnosis in the car.

    That takes lots of hands on and one on one. I don't know that UTI is going to offer you enough time for that in their crash course? Felt like I needed more coming out of two full years at the community college even..and they really drilled it. I mean we talked about how to fix every issue imaginable but in reality no way every student is going to face everything in the shop.
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    Realize only 55 schools in the nation get sponsored by toyota..but I would feel cheating...if a "college level" shop program in todays day and age didn't have something similar to this for ya'll to work on.

    Camry on a stick..


    Flip one of 32 switches to create an electronic body network issue to diagnosis.
  13. Where did you end up going, angus?
  14. Umpqua Community College in Southern Oregon.

    I was actually dual enrolled sorta.. I joined up with the job corps so was living on that government funded campus and they would bus a dozen of us 45 miles to the college every morning at 6.30. Not a penny out of my pocket...

    I tell ya what those are well spent tax dollars... Don't mean to preach but if any ya'll are still young and can handle giving up toking for a minute to invest in your future...job corps is a great program.
  15. Don't mean to steal your thread steezy lolll...

    You are gonna be able to get your foot in the door as a lube tech either way you go..
  16. nahhh its cool, i just need information lol
  17. Any other questions??
  18. [quote name='angusbeef']Any other questions??[/QUOTE

    nope that is all :D
  19. You should move in with me and not go to either.

    Edu is pricy asssss fuck.
    To the point of indentured debt.
    Just sit back Learn whatever you want on your own. At my pad

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