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Utah man chooses firing squad

Discussion in 'General' started by redhat11, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Utah man chooses firing squad for execution – This Just In - Blogs

    Dudes going out like a man
  2. He's not doing it to go out like a man, he is doing it as a last attempt to damage the image of the state that has locked him up for 25 years.

    I hate all the news reports crying "Old West Justice" and other shit. Firing squad is very economical, as ANY method of execution should be.
  3. How is 10 people shooting one person economical?
  4. Cheaper than the methods of lethal injection is what he probably means. Not per se "economical", just less expensive.
  5. Only one of the shooters has bullets in his gun, the others blanks. The reason they have so many shooters is so that the real shooter doesn't feel guilty about shooting another man to death.
  6. I knew it was economical in respect to other methods, but the blanks/psychology thing makes sense.

    I shee I shee.
  7. If he's Mormon, he may be doing it because of his religious belief.

    There is a long forgotten doctrine in Mormonism called "blood atonement," whereby there are some sins too great for Christ's death to cover. In such cases, the offender is better to have his blood spilled to atone for his sins than to go to the spirit world without a cleansing from said sins. The other methods of capital punishment do not count as a viable means of "blood atonement."

    It's not an openly taught doctrine anymore, but it still very much survives in some families.
  8. If I was to be executed I would totally choose firing squad for three reasons:

    1) You know it's painless. How can you know for sure that a lethal injection doesn't cause you pain as your organs shut down? Maybe those last unconscious seconds are actually horrible for you.

    2) As stated above, you are going out like a man and making a defiant gesture.

    3) Bullet to the brain = no coming back as a zombie.
  9. Pretty sure they shoot the heart, not the brain. I always figured brain as well. Still haven't confirmed 100% though...
  10. Your posts are always super interesting as hell, and super helpful.

    Mad props! I'd rep ya if I could.

  11. Thank you man :smoking:

  12. that right there tells you the mormons are full of it! Christ's blood covers "all" sin, period! i do believe they shoot at the heart. they did with gary gilmore. i also heard that the real shooter knows it was his gun that killed. a blank just wont have the same recoil.

  13. They aim at the chest. No idea on if there is only one bullet or not, after a firing squad in 1977 the guy had 5 bullet holes in his shirt which stirred up some trouble
  14. Got it. It is a firing squad of 5 riflemen shooting from 23 feet away. 4 Bullets, one blank. They strap him to a chair, place a white cloth directly over his heart and all 5 guns fire at the same time.

    Here is the entry for the last Utah execution by firing squad, which is where I got my info:

    John Albert Taylor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  15. i give the dude props.
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    Really? Because there might be a few people out there willing to argue that point, like this one dude named Ahmed, and this other dude named Elijah...:rolleyes:

  17. You are referring to the Gary Gilmore execution. His brother's memoir was where the allegation was made regarding 5 holes instead of four. Can't find confirmation on that.
  18. The heart? Well that sucks. Surely that wouldn't kill you instantly, what with brain death not occurring until several minutes after circulation stops.

    Why do they aim for the chest? Because it's a larger target? Or because it's less messy?
  19. From what I understand, even the most vicious drill sergeants usually won't hit guys in the face.

    Military is big on face being a symbol of pride, like Japan.

  20. That's your opinion.

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