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  1. I moved my plant further from the light so It would grow taller in theory, but I think I failed. This is what happened in roughly 13hr-16hr, did this lack of light do this to my baby. I have sense moved back to the old distance and am awaiting the results.:eek:

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  2. if your talking about how droopy it is, you may be over watering
    but your probably getting at the discoloration

    if thats it, then i can tell you two things, seeing as how i have little experience under my belt

    1. im pretty sure it has nothing to do with moving it away from the light
    and 2. you should check out this thread
    The Complete guide to Sick Plants,pH, and Pest troubles! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forumswhichwilltake you to a long, descriptive list of all sorts of things that could be wrong with it
    and a good place to start with stuff like this

    hope that helps a bit :)
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    The drooping I didn't think was over watering because I gave it just a little bit! But your right it is a clear signal of that. I will check out the thread thank you. That was very informative much obliged.
  4. no problem
    about the watering tho, if you only give it a little bit it could be underwatering even
    over and under watering symptoms look very similar

    you wanna water it pretty thoroughly, until it runs out the bottom
    its WHEN you water that makes or breaks it
    basically whenever the soil is dry more than an inch down
    usually comes to every 2-3 days

    so just be sure to give it a good watering each time,
    just watch how often you do so

    anyway, hope you get the discoloration all figured out and cleared up :D
  5. That was exactly it, it was under watered. As far as the coloration I figure it is a ph problem, but that is out of my control at the moment.
  6. ah well just water it the way i do and that should be all good
    if you can't do anything about the pH right now tho then you cant do anything i guess

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