usually I say fuck the police but damn im lucky as fuck

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Atomic Bong, May 5, 2006.

  1. so fuck man im waiting in this long ass ling in safeway.. then Im on san pablo and its bumper to bumper so im frusturated by this point....then I go to richmond to cop trees and I grab a dub of some grapes..
    unfortunatly my dude gave it to me in one bud without a bag.. so i just put it on my lap cuz i was gonna blow as soon as i got to where i was going...
    so then i pull out and im on macdonald and TONS OF FUCKIN cars and no one was letting me go so i said fuck it and smashed hella hard infront of a car.. BUT IT WAS A FUCKIN COP!!!!!!!!!!
    i bust a quick ass left and he keeps going straight and im like WHEW then one block later the popo sees and and flips and bitch and throws on the lights..
    I said fuck it and swallowed the whole dub but that shit was so big i couldnt swallow it and the cop is walking up to my window while im gluping it down..
    i dont fucking know how but i managed to swallow it and he asked me if I knew how fast I was going..
    but he didnt even give me time to answer.. "you were atleast going 55 because I was going 35" fucckk...
    then i give him my reg and insurance and he goes back to his car..
    comes back and hands my shit back and says "do you know youre provisional for only 2 more days?"
    ...and then out of nowhere a miracle happened..
    he said dont go so fast next time, it's better to get there alive than dead..

    FUCK MAN $20 worth of grapes was worth it... fuck im lucky
  2. also am i still gonna get loaded? i've never eaten straight weed before.. im not sure if it does anything.. it was a gram of really strong grapes.. but it wasnt broken up at all.. anyone know?
  3. You won't get anything... there's nothing to make the THC react...

    Oh, and you were lucky as fuck.
  4. Drive more carefull, I know when someone cuts me off , and gives me the oppertunity to follow (thank U). I do , but guess what ? they don't drive that car to work the next day. Think before ya become unpatient and just pull out infront of someone. Sometimes cops are the lucky way out. Other may not.

  5. Then how do special brownies work. I know I've eaten staright weed and shit made me trip.
  6. You make cannabutter, the fat in the butter activates the THC because it's fat soluable.
  7. No you havnt:wave:

  9. lol billy wow
  10. Give him a break guys, he's just trying to fit in and be cool...
  11. I'm %100 you that you had no trip, or any effects of it. To be cool or not, learn your weed man.

  12. Swallow a bic lighter and hope it works.
  13. I've gotten blazed off of swallowing a fat ass blunt roach, that works because from previously smoking it, the hot smoke that rushes over the bud (roach) will partially activate the THC for digestion. I've done it several times and it worked well.

    Everyone's different though, your digestive track might be able to break down the complex fibers protecting the THC from exposure thus getting you pretty high. It all depends on the person.

  14. THC isn't active unless it's heated. It's not about breaking down fibers or anything, it's about it has to reach a certain temperature.

    Brownies = cannibutter, the cooking of the butter releases enough heat to store the THC in the butter, and then actual baking of the brownies provides even more. There is absolutely no way to get fucked up by just eating weed.

    Besides, if you could just eat weed, why would us stoners go through all the trouble of making bongs, coming up with complicated methods to disguise the smell of smoke, etc? If we could all just chomp down on an 1/8, I don't think anyone would be smoking. I mean come on, weed without cancer?
  15. Could have been placebo.
  16. although it seems to work optimally when cooked, you don't need to heat bud to 'activate the thc'...eating bud and tripping is not placebo, the thc is still there, it just has a tendancy to have a slightly lower absorbption potential when it's not dissolved in lipids...

    I love how you fuckin potheads are so set upon the validity of your theory just because you've read a bunch of other gc's writing the same crap over and over. Next you'll be saying a substance needs to be water-solluble to be insufflated.

    From erowid: "It is a myth that dried marijuana must be heated before being consumed to activate the cannabanoids. Many people find that raw cannabis leaves and buds can be eaten for strong effects without any pre-heating. It is a common belief that heating the cannabis before ingestion increases its potency and cooking extractions using food oils (such as butter or olive oil) are the most common methods for making cannabis-based foods."

    It's very early right now so I'll post some literature on this later.
  17. no effects, except my stomach hurting
  18. Haha, yeah, a long time ago I was stoned out of my mind (I had to get rid of an ounce of really good shit), and I had smoked so much that my throat was raw. So, I decided to make food. Myself, being as stoned as I was, thought that mixing butter with the pot would be easier than making cannibutter. I made a taco with a slab of raw bacon, and a glob of butter/pot.

    I didn't get high, just incredibly sick.

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