Usually how long does a seed order take?

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  1. I live in the U.S, Michigan to be exact. First time ordering seeds. I ordered from Attitude because of all the great reviews I've heard over the months. My question is: Generally how long does it take for people get their package? Thanks an peace!
  2. I live in Michigan too. I ordered seeds from attitude for the first time also about a month ago..

    They got here in like 5 days.
  3. same, i got mine after about a week
  4. Awesome! Did you guys order a t-shirt or mug for insurance on delivery? I did, I needed a new shirt anyways.

  5. I got the crush proof metal tins. They were legit :smoking:
  6. 7-10 days. The crush proof tins are a must.
  7. crush proof tin, no shirt though
  8. I didn't order them with the tins. I hope they'll arrive ok! Next time I'm going with the tins. I ordered all autos. 3 fem Pandora, 3 fem syrup, and 3 fem cream caramel! Can't wait to start.
  9. i ordered some and is expecting any day now. i ordered a couple black diesel and pineapple express was the freebie. cant wait gonna have a good christmas
  10. i get my order of attitude the next day or the day after at the latest because i live in come you don't order from the states were you live and you will get your seeds faster rather than ordering all the way over seas to england.. it don't make sense to me or is it because our english seed shops are the

  11. I don't have a time limit or am in any sort of rush, and I've heard really good things about attitude. Thats why I didn't order from the states.

    But I suppose that brings up the question: What are the best U.S seed banks?
    If anybody has good reviews about some fill me in please! I may want to try one next time so I don't have to pay $13 for shipping.
  12. Well its looking like they're going to take every bit of ten days... I ordered them on the 28th of july.
  13. I was just about to order from them too lmk how it goes! Thanks big ups
  14. Tattoo- Nice on the black diesel, and sweet freebie!

    With my order I'm getting 1 fem powerkush, 1 fem california hash, 1 fem diesel as my freebies! I'm glad I got some photoperiods because I'm only gonna do 1 or two runs with auto's.

    Toes- I'll definitely post when I received my order! I'm really anxious and want to germinate those babies soooo bad!!!
  15. I live in TX and ordered from Attitude. The seeds came in 10 days but I ordered late on Friday so they didn't ship until the following Monday. Then they sat in Washington, Heathrow at their sorting facility for 2 days. I ordered 5 Kalishnakova seeds and got a Hawaiian Express and a grinder as freebies. I chose to keep Green House Supply's original packaging and a t-shirt for insurance. They all arrived fine...

    Anyone have experience with US seed banks?
  16. can track your order, fyi.

  17. Thanks for the reassurance. I needed that! How was the Kalishnakova and Hawaiian express?

  18. Yes I know, and I have on numerous occasions. The UK mail was updating the parcel status often, but USPS hasn't shown any status changes since its arrived to the states. It actually doesn't even show that its in the states (but I know it's in the states because of the UK mail status). I contacted attitude and they said USPS are really slow to update on something thats labeled as international letter...
    Anyone else had this issue?
  19. usps didnt update my info for shit...received mine in the states after about a week from attitude

  20. I don't know yet... I will probably germinate in September. Hopfully it'll be something like this vid!
    Kalashnikova Grow Video 2011 HD -

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