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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by DaCaptn, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. I love the way you blend your colors together and they are so bright and hippy like!!!!!!!!! Keep 'em coming.........I love them all thus far!!!!!!!! Your talent overwhelms me!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi there DaCaptn,funky pics.I gotta ask how you did the Mendelbrot set lookin designs?May be ya know them as fractiles.Very cool.
  3. Thanks so much for the looksie and the nice remarks! I AM a Hippy, left over from the mud at WoodStock that left this country and went sailin for 25 years...I'm back now and just creating what I've seen. I would post more but the people here don't seem too interested in "Artsy" stuff and that's cool too:)
  4. Hey ya Captn.. says who we aren't into that artsy stuff.. post your pics.

    I'd like to see more.

    Den Activist

  5. I'm so jealous!!!!! I was born too late in time for me to have the stains of mud engraved in my soul!!!! You are so lucky........and please dont stop posting the pics......each one enlightens a part of me that cant be touched in any other way. I would love to have a pic for my wall........I love tie die anyway but you combine the colors and shapes so well......I'm at a loss for words!!!!!!!
  6. Hey Den, thanks so much for the encouragement! I'll post more if ya want cause I've got sooooo many of them:)
  7. I'm really happy that you like my old stuff, you've made this old Pirate's day! I'll post more "Art" if you 'll look at it and again, thanks for makin me smile!

    BTW If you'll go to there are some cool thingums with my "Art" on them...
  8. I'm ready. I ready. You ready, I'm ready... Post away and let me see em. :D
  9. hey dude.. just cuz we dont talk dont mean we arent watchin... keep it up man, and i wouldnt mind hearin a couple stories about your years at sea, that soundz like the best way you could live your life... i kind of idealize living up in a log cabin in the forest with a nice hefty weed supply and a good dog... stoner hermit style
  10. Dude...ya done gone and done it now:) I am honored that you look at this stuff and doublly so by the request for some of DaCaptn's "Sea Stories"! Tell ya what...I'll post a few of my "sea poems" and if you are still interested I'll tell ya where to go and find a bunch of um ,cool?
    BTW...I had 186 acres in the Piedmont Mts. in SC for 35 years and that was super COOL too
  11. that's just beautiful... there's no other way to describe it really. you have some amazing talent cap'n.

    by the way, i would also like to 'hear' (<= lol) some of your stories from your years at sea. it sounds like you've lived a very interesting life thusfar, and i'd be honored if you'd share some of it with us.

    thanks for all the lovely images and pongs. they never cease to amaze me.
  12. Your wonderful comments give this old Salt a reason to get up and go have a wisdom beyond your years and with the gifts you've been given you'll go far if you just keep on followin your dreams! I would love to get together with a bunch of us and tell my old Sea Story's...what a Hoot that would be!
    Da"You've Made my Night Again"Captn
  13. hey cap'n... any compliments you recieve are well deserved. i look forward to seeing and reading more. :D
  14. Thanks again cottons for being there!
    Da"It Means Alot"Captn

    Here's a "happy" for ya!
  15. Just wanted ta see the 100 post thingum go up!

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