Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by herojuana, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. does regular shiping go thru usps the $11 one
  2. have u ever gotten anything from the city, they dont make u sign! yea i know usps is normal mail,
  3. dont get all pissy guy, last time i ordered from the city they just dropped my stuff off at the door, im not acting like i know shit buddy, i just didnt have to sign for anything, chill out
  4. srry man, i was in a bad mood i know i was being pissy before, the morning of new years eve i got real sick and was throwing up my guts and it totally spoiled my whole night, i do apreaciate u anwering my thread, but they didnt make me sign when i ordered from the city, mayb it has somthing to do with the location where we both live or the amount that was being shipped, the wednesday my items where spossed to come in they didnt i was waiting and it didnt come with my regular mail the usps guy didnt have any package for me, im kinda freaking out when my package is going to come cuz i live with my mom and dad, i had already gotten in trouble cuz my mom found my bong and i told her i had it shipped to me, so she cant see me with any other packages,

    thats my whole story srry for being such a jerk
  5. my shipment was like 50 bucks and this new one is only 30, it should be comin in tommrw so il havta be ready,

    yah cool no hard feelings
  6. Now this is the type of posting I like to see.. Thingsstarted down hill and ya'll worked it out..

    Thumbs up to you..

    As far as having to sign for it, I think you have to sign for most things.. Especially when it's more money..

  7. i thought they don't give tracking numbers for USPS orders... so how do you know your shipment is coming tomorrow? id love to know, since i just placed my first order w/ these guys last week. also, i know w/ fedex or ups if you leave a note taped to the door giving them permission to leave the package they'll do it... dont' know about USPS tho.

    EDIT: btw, i have 3 ccg spoons in my order (2 are part of my sister's xmas gift, one for me... im such a cool brother ;p), so i don't know if that has any effect on the time it takes to ship... i read in another thread that it depnds on how fast the glass blowers are cranking shit out.


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