USPS, what does this mean?

Discussion in 'General' started by mandmaz2, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Anyone know when the package will arrive ish? I live in Seattle so it's kinda weird that it's been 2 days already.
  2. Depends on where it's coming from... Usually 3-5 days. Longer during holiday seasons

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  3. Why would you ask this here? Serious question
  4. dude was just wanting general info I suppose
  5. It was intercepted by Customs...In the next couple of days they will ask you to come in and pick up your package from the post office where they will promptly apprehend you for narcotics trafficking. :cool:
  6. I wish they had a way that you could check on packages and find out which city they were in or perhaps get an estimate of which day it would arrive
    They could assign a number to a package and record whenever it arrives or departs a shipping location
  7. a day that isnt Sunday
  8. Try asking the post office, not GC... I could give you an answer but it would be complete bull shit. Fuck it I will answer you anyway, your package will arrive on Tuesday. :yummy:
  9. yeahh. Like a way for you to track your order or something. Wouldn't that be convenient
  10. With this system could they email me updates on my package?
  11. They could even take it a step further and send you a text to your phone when it gets delivered! So many possibilities...

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  12. Fuck! So like, I could be at work and know when my amazon package gets delivered to my front door?
  13. usps priority is 2-3 business days on average
  14. who is in your avatar...
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  16. Lol at this whole thread.

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    Amazon tells me my package will be delivered before 8pm. So i will say yours will be here before 8pm.
  18. Depends on the type of shipping you have and USPS doesn't deliver on Sundays.
  19. I'd prefer a text message or an app, it's so much faster
  20. USPS means United States Postal Service. As for your package, the Feds have it. They are coming for you!

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