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  1. Ok, I've been waiting for 5 days now for my glasscity bubbler to get to VA from Bethpage NY... Is it just me or is that taking to long??? 5 days for 450 miles???? At this point I would like to know where it actually is so I could just meet it and take it... Now I gotta wait the weekend and for all I know wait another week... Was hoping to have it before I had court but that ain't happening. probaly never going to order a another piece off the internet the price isn't worth waiting for a damn mailman...

    Sorry but i had to vent... Was really hoping it would come in today :(
  2. The Thanksgiving holiday screwed up a lot of mail time-in-transit this week, from what I've seen/heard. Also, this doesn't really belong in General Feedback, because it isn't GC's fault that USPS is slow.

    Patience, grasshopper ;). Hope you get it soon so you can enjoy your purchase!

  3. By all means I'm not trying to bash GC at all, matter of fact I give them props for being able to deal with so many people, I can only imagine how many there are.

  4. Yeah, I recently bought a pipe from GC (love it, use it almost as much as my bong), and it took almost a fortnight to get here (keeping in mind I live in Australia). The tracker doesn't update when it gets to certain places (It still says it is in America when I look it up, had it for nearly a month), and due to the Thanksgiving weekend, that would also inhibit the speed a bit.
  5. I have a package that was shipped the 18th, says expected delivery, the 21st. It still hasn't arrived to the buyer. Pretty shitty.
  6. Thanksgiving. give it a couple extra days, there working hard
  7. Update:
    So i tracked the package and found out it got to VA on the 25th. On the 26th it left from a place called Merrifield which when i Googled it, its about 30 miles away from where I am. Granted sunday there was no mail, I still think it should have gotten here monday...let alone today which it hasnt.

    30 miles?? thats a 45 min trip why does it take more then 3 days to get here? I mean how does it go across the Atlantic Ocean in 2 days but cant go 30 miles in 3??? really USPS?

    like I said dont think ill ever buy a piece online unless they use UPS or Fedex
    its just not worth it...

  8. The 25th was Black Friday. On the day it reached Merrifield, the USPS workload probably quadrupled because online purchases made on Black Friday began to ship. There's no post on Saturday or Sunday, so it then sat there a couple of days in their warehouse, and began moving again on Monday with the tens of thousands of other packages sent over Thanksgiving. Unless you paid extra for better shipping, you can reasonably expect it Wednesday or Thursday. Expecting it to have gotten to you by Black Friday was just silly and unrealistic. It's not a matter of distance, it's a matter of terrible timing for purchasing something. lol Next year, you'll know not to purchase anything that'll ship near Black Friday... :smoke:
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    First off how would I have gotten the upgraded shipping?? Second off there is Saturday delivery.

    Now it left the 25th, that's one, two, skip sunday, three, four if we're counting Tuesday for less then 30 miles... Idc how many packages there are they still have a schedule. insults removed

  10. Where does it say the expected delivery????

    And ya sorry bout that...

  11. Typically when purchasing something online there is a drop-down menu or something to that affect allowing you to change your method of delivery. Ahhh and I apologize as it is UPS that requires an upgrade for Saturday post.

    As far as what you perceived as smart ass comments, you are mistaken. I'm merely explaining to you how the system works near holidays and why your expectations are unrealistic. I'd like to remind you that such a disrespectful tone as present in your post isn't tolerated on GC and that I'm only trying to help. Like I said, four days is nothing just after BF for any distance. Their warehouses are full and there is no "schedule" for your package, so it's not unlikely it took that long for the warehouse to process it through. Appreciate the advice or not. I don't really care... lol :smoke:
  12. We are sorry about your bad experience within USPS however this doesn't give you right to insult anyone who is just trying to offer his assistance to you. In future please try not to insult anyone at all.

  13. So what, am I the only one that thought him calling me stupid was in insult?? You guys notice how I didn't say anything to the first guy who said something? Thats because he didn't "insult" me in anyway so I didn't insult him... But its cool yo I ain't tripping. Forums are that big of a deal to anyway

  14. Uhh it left the proccessing facility on the 25th, it didn't sit anywhere but in a truck since then... And like I said last time you don't need to call people stupid or anything else, which I thought was "disrespectful" not having a bad tone, just plain disrespectful. I would appreciate the advise but that's not what's happening with my package...

  15. Oh and ya there is nothing to get upgraded shipping to US...

  16. I never called you stupid. :confused: I never insulted you either. I explained to you that you can't expect something to ship overnight from ANYWHERE right after Black Friday and that your expectations were unrealistic. If you thought that was somehow insulting or meant to be offensive, you are sadly mistaken.

    That's not accurate. If it were in a truck that whole time, you would not have a tracking record stating it left Merrifield and considering the 27th is a Sunday, on which there is no post, it absolutely sat in a facility for at LEAST a day. lol Again, I NEVER called you stupid. I was NOT disrespectful towards you. I merely explained to you that it's silly to expect a package to arrive so soon near Black Friday. If you think that your package is somehow immune from the Black Friday chaos the USPS has to deal with, you're wrong. It's not advice, I'm telling you why your package is later than normal. It's because EVERY package is later than normal. I bought something the 25th and the shipping label has been printed, but UPS has yet to scan it. It had guaranteed 3-day shipping. Am I upset that it didn't get here by 11:59pm Saturday? No. That would be silly. I don't expect it till Thursday at the EARLIEST because of Black Friday. I mean, honestly, if Black Friday isn't the cause, then do you think USPS is somehow singling you out or something? lol

  17. I'm surprised GC doesn't offer alternative shipping methods. :confused_2: Are you sure? I mean, every other site does... lol
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    Ok the last thing my USPS tracking says is "your package HAS LEFT OUR SORTING FACILITY in MERRIFIELD VA on the 25th of November". Why wouldn't the tracking say it is at another facility if it got to one??? They have to scan them all in. Which means they didn't check it in the building or its just sitting on a truck.

    I'm sorry for being rude but seriously the first line of you comment in the second paragraph was just plain stupidity. And no, I was simply pointing out that the USPS is not good at their job. And I would be furious if a 3 day guarantee isnt kept upp no matter what time of year it is. It's a guarantee why would they put a guarantee if they can't keep it???
  19. Anything within 60 miles of you should there the next mailing day, if not the one after that.

    It all has to get processed, even with all the extra work. Now if it was sent parcel post or media (which it shouldnt have) it gets lowest priority and can take forever.
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    So ur agreeing with me?
    It was sent international registered mail... Don't know if that has to do with the parcel post or media thing.

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