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Using X-Stream Synthetic in 2017

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by FairyTailBun, Aug 6, 2017.

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    I got a job opportunity not too long ago, aced the interview, people loved me. But of course, like all good jobs that pay well, I was smacked with the dreaded piss test; and thus the story began.

    I was tripping balls because I smoke heavy but I have been cold turkey for about 1-2 weeks since I left my old job. I looked for all sorts of methods, at-home tests, detox kits, but nothing came up reliable or reputable enough for me to risk. Then I remembered, a year and a half ago, my girlfriend found herself in a similar situation and went with using synthetic urine since she's a heavy user herself and had no time to detox. She went with this headshop and they sold her this product called X-Stream Fetish Urine. The rep swore that it's good stuff and confirmed to fool pee tests used by the nearby corporation that most people around this area work at. She went ahead and used it. About...maybe a week later? She got her orientation letter and a very well paying job.

    There's my hope. I went back to the same shop and bought it myself. I'm still tripping balls since there are some sources across the net that's saying the testing sites are getting wise at the use of synthetic pee and will catch you in the validity test. Not really giving a shit because what do I have to lose, I figured if I personally know someone who used the same exact product for the same exact test but a different facility, that the only thing I need to worry about is making sure the temp is right and not getting caught.

    The morning of the test, I throw bottle without it's cap and seal in the microwave for a couple seconds, go through 3 rounds of 4-6 seconds and one round of 10 seconds? I don't exactly remember lol the strip came up green for 100 degrees. I slapped on the handwarmer and threw it between my legs and headed out. The drive was about a half hour long so the handwarmer and my junk kept the temp up between 94-96.

    Waited for about a 20 minutes in the lobby until they called me up. Went through the shpeel, and I found myself in the restroom with a lock. So removing the bottle from my junk I see the temp is at a solid 94-96. I quickly squirt the X-Stream into the cup provided past the line and squirted some into the toilet, just in case. After the deed was done, I leave room and the woman eyeballed the temp strip and checked off on her computer that it was between 90-100 degrees. She pours the sample into another small vial and tells me to pour the remainder in the toilet and initial the vial. We sign on off on some paperwork and I go on my way.

    I have successfully sub'd using X-Stream Synthetic version X.11.0. I've read through a few forums that they are getting wise to subbers and the use of synthetics, adulterated samples, etc. But the risk factors that were included just sounded as through they are user-based such as strange behaviors, strange sounds from the toilet, watching people pee, not getting it to the right temp, and not product based. This current version claims that it contains uric acid and urea on the box and their website claims that it has all the necessary components of urine such as ph, gravity, creanatine, uric acid, urea, etc.

    Furthermore, testing facilities apparently use synthetics to calibrate their machines which makes relative sense since one person's pee isn't the same as another, or at least that's what I've read. I'm worried that there is some manner in which they can tell this is Synthetic and I'd be fucked out of a job.

    There's a bunch of people on these forums and other sites that claim it worked out for them so I'm praying that everything turns out well since the hardest part was me just getting the sample submitted. To calm my mind and ease my soul, are there others who have used the latest version of X-Stream and had success with it? If so, please comment and tell us your story. I'll obviously comment on what happens on my end as soon as I get some information. And of course if it didn't work out, please comment what kind of test it was or what happened. Shit, just tell us everything.

    As far as specifics go, I went to Quest Diagnostics It was a 5 panel test or SAP 5-50 w/NIT.
  2. How'd you make out here? I submitted my test yesterday...
    Will update whether xstream did the job

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