Using water from streams?

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  1. In one of the areas I'm growing they're a bunch of streams and a couple swamps and a large river that runs through( I won't use the water from the river because it goes through a city and their was pollution problems a long time ago) Once my plants get big enough do you think it will be fine if I used the water from the streams and even if the water is not that good would it affect my plants that much? I will bring water from home when they are still small.
  2. I'm sure it will be ok.
  3. Your plants get rained on and all that is polluted to a point too so it shouldn't be a problem just my 2 cents .
  4. If it's stream water or city water, I'd go with stream water any day.
  5. Thanks guys I don't think I could take care of my plants if I had to bring water all the way from home.
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    I live in OK and it doesn't rain here often how much should i water my plants.
  7. Let the stream take care of it. If other plants can survive why shouldnt it?

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