using vaporized weed in joints

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by citytoker, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. anyone use vaporized weed in joints to make sorta like a spliff except with weed. would that work. also how abouit smoking vaporized weed because i like the feel of smoking but i sometimes i dont want to get higher then i am.:smoking:
  2. Well, I've never used vaporized weed to smoke, but wouldn't the THC content be that of really low grade bud? I mean most of the THC already left through the vaporization anyways. So maybe a gram or so of vaporized weed would probably give a buzz or something for like an hour. :p
  3. the taste is something i'd describe between horrible and dirt nasty.
    Not sure if i got high or what but honestly it wasn't worth it...maybe through water to help with the taste?
  4. Personally I only use vaped weed for edibles (that way taste isn't an issue) you just have to use 3 or 4 times as much because most of the THC has been extracted
  5. Blech.............:eek:

    You may get a buzz, but I don't think it'd be worth the nasty taste and smell.

    Just vape your bud till it's a very dark brown, then either toss or cook with it.
  6. Pretty much right on. I couldnt even imagine smokin a j of vaped bud. Ive tried smokin a bowl of vaped weed, and it was terrible.
    Now when i think the bowl is finished, I just crank up the vape temp and try and get all the THC I can.

  7. not my point though. my point would be to mix it with unvaporized bud to make sumthin liek a spliff instead of using tabaco

  8. Ah, ok. Not a bad idea.
  9. I actually replaced vaped joints for cigarettes. I think they taste great and they are super smooth. You don't get high but its a great taste
  10. 1) tastes like shit
    2) the taste makes you feel sick
    3) dont mix vapes weed with green weed it'll ruin the taste....

    i think you can make ISO hash with vaped buds.... it'd be better to do that then to smoke it...

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