Using vaped bud?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by DankBear, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. I'm looking into buying a vaporizer, and I was just wondering if there's anything that you can do with buds that have been vaporized? can they be smoked (from a pipe) for a reasonable high? Cooked into edibles? Anything?

    any advice would be appreciated :D :bongin:
  2. I had a roomate that would add his vape leavings and stems to his "green dragon" b/c "it couldn't hurt". I have smoked vape leavings before and honestly it did nothing for me.
  3. when my friend first got his vape me and a few other of my friends tried smoking the already vaped weed from a couple of bongs and it did nothing. not only did it not do anthing it tasted like burnt popcorn. i wouldn't recommend it.
  4. you can get ripped off of like 5 or 6 bongloads lol. i bought like 36 grams of it for 20 or 30 bucks a year or two ago. it may have been worth it because it got you somewhat high so i could have cooked with it or made hash if i didnt try to roll so many joints, not getting high

  5. haha some dude sold his AVB? Hes getting money from weed hes already gotten high from. thats like $20-30 in his pocket. But I'd honestly probally buy it, just grav it for like day-long sessions.
  6. You can bake with ABV. I did it last weekend and it worked.
  7. If you smoke a phat joint of vaped weed, you will feel something. You just need like 4-5x more than fresh to feel the effects. Also, since mostly the higher temp cannabinoids remain, it will probably be more sedating.

    But, vaped herb is EXCELLENT for baking with or making golden dragon, because instead of the remaining cannabinoids being burnt off by smoking, they will be extracted, which is much, much more effective.
  8. I smoke it mostly, just because the act of smoking is so enjoyable. It will get you high, depending on how toasted it is. Only thing is, it tastes bad.

    But you can cook with it too. Just takes a bit more.
  9. I always use mine for green dragon, have had some very potent batches and never had it not work.
  10. mix it in with some dank or bake it into goodies.
  11. You need to base your judgement on how fried your bud is. Usually I vape all my stuff twice just because smoking it is pretty harsh, but I have put it in edibles and they do work surprisingly well.
  12. I had around an ounce of vaped bud saved up and me and my buddy made oil with it. Got about 2 g's. Very smokey/burnt taste but gets you crazy ripped
  13. I used to cook with mine (which made for good bedtime brownies), but lately I've switched over to making ISO hash out of it. I'm making a big batch this weekend with a bit over an ounce (vaped weight, not fresh) of vaped herb. Going to try doing it in a French press. :)

  14. I always use my duff for cooking..
  15. You can sell it to idiots like the guy who posted about buying 36 grams for $30 or whatever the price was.

    Or you can smoke it, burn a hole in your throat, and not get high (provided you have a decent vape)

    Or you can do the normal, saine thing, and make Budder, and use the Weed butter to make a batch of brownies. Just replace "canola oil" with budder, and it will taste great.

    If you get high off vape bud, it means your not vaping at a high enough temperature.
  16. I got high off vape plenty of times, not that great of an high, but you can get a nice buzz with not to munch, and I have an i-olite and vape my bud for about 15mins which gets me pretty toasted, so I won't complain about getting high twice on the same bud :D

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