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Using trim? What trim is good and how much?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 0MGWTFBBQ, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. So iwanted to use some trim i got from a grow i did for making cannabutter then brownies. I put all the trim in a bag but now alot of it is turning brown and looks weird, should i still use it??

    And when I'm trimming what parts should be used? Just the small tiny leaves, or also the small fan leaves that grown out of the bud?

    Oh and I was also wondering how much trim I should use to substitute for bud, like if the recipe calls for 10 grams of weed how much trim should I use??

  2. use it all. I think its 4 os trim per lb of butter
  3. only trim with trichomes on it will be worth making edibles
  4. so not these dead shit leaves?

    only the good stuff right off the trim?

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  5. correct...

    if you see crystals(trichomes) on the trim...

    use em:D
  6. ^ ^ What they said. Frosty trim = Edibles.

    I, myself, just whipped up a dank double Dutch chocolate shake with the rest of my trim.

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